Sellers do you know that a big list is running away

introduction: This article I have learned a little, by some of the details of detailed service binding and old customers. The two transaction made by an old customer is easier and more cost saving than a new customer.


(pictured in a Taobao seller, lunch and customer service)

I don’t love to wear short trousers, because my leg is not good, there is a little rough, so usually love to wear jeans shirt sleeve, cover well, you know


however, hot weather every day, so I went to Taobao to buy a thin some jeans, a few days later I received the goods, put a try, but also good, oh! So I’m going to Taobao to give people a praise, just landed a pop-up to want information the "pro, receive your pants! Thank you very much for coming, if Pro pants feel good, hope you can praise praise after the 5 star, we will give you back now 5 yuan


I see the information, I feel very good, so I quickly went to the 5 star praise, then Alipay is now back to the seller, wait for


received two messages shortly:



so I opened Alipay, check balances, did receive 5 dollars.

I believe many of my friends have received confirmation from seller sent me back now the information at the time of online shopping, and everyone will think it is a very good thing, as long as 5 star confirmed praise, can get back now, it really is good, it can be said that the majority will be 5 received, to the satisfaction of all


but I think if everyone back now 5 yuan, if more people, it is not a lot of money, so I opened the store baby description, see the seller’s sales, I was shocked! Above:


you can see, his monthly sales volume is more than 15000, and not yet a month, we re multiplied by 5 yuan, my God, this store will be returned to nearly 100 thousand yuan per month to customers!


store is really generous, or someone else is a nouveau riche! But I as a marketing point of view the problem, big price stores take a customer 5 yuan money just to please customers. These 5 yuan of money as well as other uses


no! I bought this pair of trousers, estimated for a long time will not buy the pants, a long time, I will make sure the generous store to forget, even after buying pants, I will go to Taobao Amoy, because then I want you to go there to buy, are expected to find don’t you


originally such a thing, is everybody’s Taobao online shopping when a very ordinary thing

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