The owners do not need to succeed because do not understand technology and apprentice

this afternoon with a group inside the webmaster friends in exchange for a moment, a lot of friends during the talk about what all don’t understand, but have the courage to uphold the spirit of a desire to enter the industry in question, they do not know whether technology can become a webmaster, want to learn a friend said.

in fact, if you want to become a successful webmaster, as long as the courage to insist on enough, really enough, maybe a lot of friends questioned this sentence, see friends here, if you are successful, you think, your success is due to your persistence; if you give up in front of you have the website now or online all day around feel one or two years or a failure to do the webmaster, might as well give up your thinking, if failure comes from your.

talking with friends, talked about what system do the station, now the mature system very much, such as the CMS system PowerEasy, weaving, such as Discuz, PHPwind, forum, blog, such as Z-Blog, is a more mature system. Known as Chinaz and Admin5 are used to build dedecms system, laggards also use Discuz system.

also has a friend talked about dream weaving system at the time of the discussion, find it difficult, is similar to the Discuz and Zblog system, you can be the webmaster to accept, one important reason is that he is simple, so that will be as long as the Internet, proficient in QQ, Google will use Baidu search engine friends, if you are on any CMS, forum or blog system can dive, absolutely can use his master. The official website of these mature systems has a very detailed tutorial, you just need to calm down and study.

known as the webmaster predecessors refused to swimming fish, A Fei, GJJ, graph king, they began to do while standing on the technology and understand how much do you now to ask C++ PHP, big fish, he could not answer; and you ask graph king database, may also not answer although A Fei; excellent technology, but began to stand A Fei in addition to the game and perhaps even do not know what is HTML; and GJJ, all things all are self-taught, step by step to.

A5 domain IDC forum moderators "Jack", also do not stand before, began to use the most. The Xiao Shenyang website, do not understand the code, use Notepad to copy, a test. Do not know SEO, to find the answer on the network, after a month of efforts, Xiao Shenyang ranking did Baidu first, reached 5000+IP when the website, with the price of 5000 yuan sold, and later made a QQ star, did the same after the sale of 5000+IP. In fact, many personal Adsense is good at the website from 0IP do thousands of IP to tens of thousands of IP, in fact, do this step, and there will be a lot of people need this kind of website, choose a good theme, spend one to two months

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