Webmaster success the value of time under your heart

in China, the current Internet has "two fast": one is the rapid growth of the number of Internet users, and the other is the growth rate of personal webmaster is also very fast. In fact, between the two growth is its inevitable contact, it is the rapid growth of Internet users to provide a broader market for many personal webmaster, let everyone have the opportunity to benefit from the rapid development of the Internet, using their own ability and cleverness to make a buck from their own, so more and more young people are engaged in Internet business, used as a station to begin his own success dream road. However, there are many new owners start to make money fast, to a fact that in the current China Internet environment is almost impossible! After all, originally the Internet golden age of the past, now want to do website success is most in need of heart and perseverance.

is a result of the new owners a lot too anxious, only those who can settle down to do station features carefully try to figure out the real demand of the user and search engine, and then the development of the website webmaster clearly valuable, their ultimate success is also behoove. Now we can see behind the success of the station, which is not a profound experience accumulated over the years, truly "harvest, accumulate steadily" belongs to their success, I put this success as: heart’s insistence on time value. Today with the A5 platform, I hope to share this experience with you, so that the webmaster can be less impetuous, more intentions, and ultimately with the value of time to create success!


one, intentions: webmaster success before the most important quality

is the most easily impulse to work easily and quickly give up the owners often have a psychological, is thinking about how smart enough to imagine the content of the website and the development of the road will be affected by the user will be able to love, quick success, but in fact not to seriously try to figure out the user’s psychology, do the real user acceptance and love the web site. Really can success by the Webmaster Station and stop the process, not himself as an ordinary user, empathy and positive comments to the user, for the user’s most popular website development road of love. There are many successful cases, the earliest and most legendary case from Li Xingping, the founder of hao123, his success will directly benefit from the user, Chinese the vast number of Internet users, most real and urgent needs to understand and grasp, to provide them with the most simple and easy to use Internet navigation quickly conquered countless the heart of the user, so as to succeed in the end come on his head, China created a myth in the history of the internet. The late 4399 games he and another Internet legend Cai Wensheng cooperation is aimed at the China large number of Internet users play online games and leisure needs, put 4399 into the current large-scale users, has been profitable casual games first station.

two, adhere to: webmaster success before most should do

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