Airbnb founder how do you incorporate social elements into your web design

, author of an interview with Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, talks about how the site will focus its attention on social services.

also describes the magic code tools used by Airbnb, which may be more important than you might think.

there is no better time for Joe Gebbia than it is now. 5 years ago, Gebbia’s friend Brian Chesky (from Rhodes Island School of design) came to his house and wanted to rent a room in his attic. That weekend, a group of designers were looking for hotel accommodation for a forthcoming design conference. The conference was held in the city where Gebbia was held, but the local hotel rooms were already full. Chesky didn’t work at the time, so he and Gebbia decided to provide weekend accommodation for some of the designers who came to the area, and they soon earned $1000, so Airbnb was born.

, which currently has a market capitalisation of about $2 billion, said it would raise another $100 million in venture capital, which had already received a $120 million injection. Airbnb is continuing to grow substantially and rapidly expanding overseas markets. But fast growing companies are also disappearing on the market, and Airbnb has been scaling up the web as a social experience platform rather than a search portal. Gebbia, who recently served as judge of the Innovation By Design Awards at Fast Company, interviewed the magazine and talked about how the idea of Airbnb’s transformation into a social platform began in the first place.

change from star rated to "love" score


The first is the

change from 4 months ago to design the website of the start of the core of the re design of the "wish list" of new features, is also the website users can create the desire to experience the dream house list. Currently, 45% of users will interact with the "wish list", and the number of lists created by users has exceeded 1 million. If the Airbnb team ignored these simple changes, then the relationship between the user and the site might not have been reshaped.

for several years, registered users of Airbnb have been able to grade and maintain all of the houses they visited. But Gebbia’s team looked at the question of whether they would add more stickiness to the site if they made minor adjustments in some places, so they changed the star rated score to the "love" score. To their surprise, the user stickiness increased by 30%. Later, they realized that "Star" is a universal network marking method and practical symbol, it does not

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