How to effectively carry out mail marketing

A5 before, published two articles, called "how to effectively carry out the promotion of forum" and "how to effectively carry out marketing blog", many people see the gave high evaluation, so many webmaster exchange with me QQ, by communicating with them, let me learn a lot their experience, of course, there are worse than I learned from my experience, I want to continue to write an article on how to conduct effective email marketing articles, I hope to help some poor people than I, master can bypass, but also welcome criticism.

mail marketing, it is estimated that the webmaster will not be unfamiliar, but can use good, mail marketing is not many people, for many reasons, we do not have to go to the bottom. Now let me talk about some of my personal experience.

first: active marketing,

1, collect email address:

generally Internet users, it is estimated that there are several or even dozens of mailboxes. I can’t remember many of them, but everyone has some of them in common use, and I always use a few. So when we collect the mailbox, we should pay attention to details, try to collect other people’s commonly used, what is the method,


(1) search engine acquisition method, which is a specialized software, input keywords, the software will search for relevant EMAIL automatically in the search engine, the problem is the set of keywords, an analogy, if you have to read those ideas online. Many people send an idea, and then ask to leave the mailbox will give you the project, many people will leave the mailbox left, and then wait for someone to send information to him. The mailbox he keeps usually must be what he used to do. Because he wants to check this email and send it to you, so you have the most practical email address. You can enter: please send an email to me: this keyword, you can search to some other commonly used specific address, you may want to follow this line of thought, of course, the Internet has sold the address, but that too much garbage, find their own good advice.

(2) forum address collection, but also in this area of software acquisition. We should all know that every region should have a portal of the forum, the local people love on the website, so you use the forum mail collection software, you can easily turn the local people’s e-mail address collection out, so the effect is very good, more suitable for local marketing.

2, looking for good mass software, such a lot of software, we can buy some genuine, and often can be upgraded with the official, to ensure success. Another way is that we often receive emails from other people. You can try asking what software you send to someone and then buy one.

3, with email address, with software, then our next job is to send advertising, everyone knows, now every mailbox service is anti spam, filter advertising color >!

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