A 18 year old webmaster’s experience

first. I declare that I am not a shooter. 18 years old is 18 years old. August 8th this year, the 18 birthday. Absolutely not to attract everyone according to this title. It’s not a tech sticker. If it’s for study, please turn it off. I just want to say a little bit about what I’ve been doing online for so many years.

not so much as I’m a station master. As I am a geek. Childhood conditions are not very good. But early contact with the network. Now miss creaking cat online. Now go to school in the field. Of course, there is no network. There is not much living expenses for the family every month. But the station gets 100200 subsidy. Fair enough to go. Man’s desire for money is limitless. So let yourself be frugal. Every day life is a lesson. Go to the Internet bar after class. Update your website, go backward, see the post. Day after day. Is also more substantial. Sometimes just thinking. Why do I have to be on the Internet? I can only answer now. Interesting. If you give me one more chance to choose. I might not choose the internet. Because a lot of people do. Giving and getting out of proportion.

6 years old contact computer. 8 year old contact network. At the age of 13, he made his first website. 15 years old earned the first pot of gold. Remember the moment when you received the money?. Want to cry, cry out. Helped create a template for 3 days. Earned this little bit of 100 yuan. But I’m glad. Very satisfied. Up to now. No less than 10 stations have been made. But there’s really not much to be done. But I don’t feel bad about it. After all, I’m through the process. This is a learning process. Without this process. I can’t go now, either. I often lose myself in the process. But all use this belief. I’m here to study. Come here in this sentence. In today’s society. If you don’t stand out, you must fail. I’m not willing to be the middle of the mediocrity. Therefore, has been paving the way for future success. The road to success is long. There are sure to be a lot of setbacks. Just hope. Sometimes, we can help others under the principle of mutual help.

I hope you can take this article. I won’t give you a stand. Let’s leave a message. Show.

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