How to write a medical article

we must first determine the article is written on the website, this is reflected in the form of a web page, then the three elements, "title: keyword: discretion title, keywords, description, we must first clear. Such as


red box in this page: title is: Guangzhou Huadu Armed Police Hospital [Huadu public health hospital] Huadu best gynecological hospital

Description: Guangzhou Huadu Huadu Armed Police Hospital, the best gynecological hospital andrology, attention to the male prostate, the foreskin phimosis, impotence and premature ejaculation and female painless abortion, infertility, gynecological inflammation and other treatment, and is provided with features of


in the Baidu search in Huadu Armed Police Hospital, is one of the pages from the search keywords, Huadu Armed Police Hospital, the rosy, results, a keyword ranking, at least to do two aspects,


", the keyword in the title to be fully reflected.

two, the keyword in the description to be fully reflected.

Of course, the

Liezi is on the home page, the home page of these elements can be set in the template:


so what about the article content page?.

the content of the page title, of course, is the time background, write the title, but the description is free from Baidu crawl, in general, the Baidu will grab the article as a description, not the article, Baidu will grab the first content as abstract.

so the content page article requires


", the keyword in the title to be fully reflected.

two, key words in the first paragraph of the article to be fully reflected.

three, keywords in the content of the article, appear in many places (this three is to increase the density of keywords, tell Baidu the importance of this keyword, and the article want to reflect the key points.


after writing an article on the three elements to be equipped with, I would like to talk about the preparation of medical articles.

, look at the article on our website:

Title: symptoms of XXXX, XXX hazards, XXX prevention, etc.

content: the symptoms of XXXX are: 1,…… 2…… 3…

several points down, an article has become, this article belongs to pure knowledge, introductory nature, do not have promotion. And so, after an article, the following article >

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