How to build a website that can quickly overtake others

new station, how to do well step by step, optimize and surpass others. For we cannot exceed the previous station, the site is a test of one’s mind. I believe that if you can do a website well, then you must be mature and steady. For a new station, how to let him optimize step by step,


: first of all, after deciding to make a website, you must have reviewed the profitability and competitiveness of this keyword. At the beginning of the site, these must be considered first. It is very important to analyze the heat of keyword and the conversion rate of key words and competitors’ websites. If Baidu’s home page is not very competitive, or if your competitors haven’t updated it for a long time, you’re hoping to outdo others. The only thing you have to do is to do more than others and stick to it longer. Believe yourself, after the test of time, is a test beyond others. So, let’s start with a description of our website from the beginning to the end of the optimization.

overall layout of the site style, in addition to the layout of keywords, more or click on the hearts of users research. Not only to do the site characteristics, also need on the website of the module and effective layout can make most of the users are comfortable, is happy to allow the user to browse, good find what he needs, and let a person see your site can on your site theme thought at a glance, this is the user experience. Both Baidu and Google pay great attention to user experience. From Baidu search keywords click on your website that moment, Baidu has begun to evaluate your site. First, when we search for a keyword, whether you are ranked first or fourth, these are temporary for Baidu, perhaps will bring more hits, with a lot of content if not the user wants, then jump out rate is high. This has an impact on website rankings. Also, if your website is ranked fourth, and your website title is very eye-catching and very attractive, then it will certainly attract more and more people to click. Everyone will go to the fourth place instead of the first place. This proves that your website in this keyword more considerate users, long time, your this keyword ranking will be higher and higher.

to get to that effect, we must first give your website a loud and attractive station, which can effectively improve the click rate, when to attract users come in, we also need to have a good home layout planning, this can improve the pv. Let the user come in, can find the content very well. After the content page, we need to provide a very rich and very valuable content for the user, so that users can increase the length of stay. The user is firmly attracted to their website. And can be very good to switch to other content, to improve the conversion rate, you must let the user know thoroughly. Only in this way can others use your things to buy your things.

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