Experience in the operation of discount websites 1

is the discounted net more and more on the market, both successful and unsuccessful I began planning meet the eye everywhere, a discount website from the University (then the idea that I was the first one until now ^ ^), the real operating discount nets, has accumulated some experience, so here to share with you under the.

, first of all, say the site’s location:

1 based positioning, of course is to discount information, so there needs to be a problem to consider is to do what kind of discount information, general discount nets are located in the people’s daily consumption, including catering, entertainment and other information, you can continue to refine the classification, positioning in the catering or entertainment or what other categories, this is a very important point, is directly related to the user location under your.

2, user positioning, combined with the positioning information above to find their own discount site users, take food for example, then you need to users for all Internet users favorite food gathering and catering businesses.

3, positioning profitable way, now I summarized some profitable way, is the first charge merchants charge, show business information; and charge user fees to provide preferential services; or two-way charges, three kinds, three kinds of mode selection requires careful consideration of the circumstance of oneself, if you compare the generalization ability strong, can choose to charge merchants, because you can bring users to businesses; if your relationship is strong, you can choose to charge users, because you can bring more discount more affordable to the user (if only, can choose according to their own circumstances)

4, regional positioning, local or national, according to their own strength considerations, here no longer more analysis.

and then the site:

discounted net and other websites have similarities, is to have its own characteristics (-! Like, and did not say but I feel very important), miscellaneous information, updated quickly, regional information difficult management is a very difficult problem, which requires a strong background management system, so pay attention to some problems in the process of the establishment of the.

1, first of all, is the preferential information adding and managing system, the main attention is to divide the preferential time interval and the merchant’s area, this point must pay attention to the management and the statistics in the manufacture process.

2, merchant information add and management system, need to pay attention to the region and the business under the preferential information.

3, user tracking, this point some of the site’s mode of operation is to track the user’s spending habits, this is a very important point, which users used those consumer items, which is received by the user’s favorite business information, this is the day after the marketing segmentation is a very important data.

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