Let Baidu K stand off reincluding of extreme method

is going to work tomorrow. Taking advantage of the afternoon, write out what you’ve done before. Study with everyone.

used to get a red wine website with his friends. It’s on behalf of selling all kinds of red wine. It’s closed now, because it sells only a few, but to tell the truth, the profit is very high. Feel shy, said the money I digress.

that wine station starts to include, not bad. Rank is general, just a few long tail everyday can let a person come in slip. I didn’t do anything to optimize it, because there were other stations at that time. I just noticed the brand and model of the red wine when I wrote the title of the product page. In this way, without any changes, Baidu gave the station to K. I still hope to wait for the Baidu period to be included again, after all, this site does not intend to take up its own time to do it. But second months have passed, and I am very unhappy. My station keeps Baidu K on one page.

if I’m K by another station, I still have chapters to follow, and I’ll study what’s wrong with me. This station, I looked for more than two hours, can not find K my reason.

later I thought, "you can K me, I want K, Baidu, and you?". So he wrote robots.txt and covered Baidu. After this, probably less than a week, my station and only the home page. Here’s a solution: when you’re at your own station at Baidu site, look at the page size shown in the home address snapshot column. If it’s only a few K, that’s Baidu. If the size is still a few tens of K, or even larger, that is, you write robots.txt has not been effective, and then wait a few days.

maybe I’m K, Baidu, 7 days later, I got robots.txt back to normal. After a few days, I was surprised to find that Baidu has been re included.

if you think it happens, if you happen to have a station just at K, you can try it. This method I used two times, all work.

but any method has its timeliness and limitations. My other stop, www.chinaeyou.com, has been K for almost a year, and Baidu is still biting me. This method, I used it in my friend’s home, but it didn’t work. Because my suppression friend’s home is K, more than half a year later, I just got the red wine website, seems to have been K deep, this method is not how effective. Personally feel that if your station has been K long, this method does not necessarily work, you can try. If your station K 2 months, or even shorter, you do not want to wait, and then passive, etc., I suggest you try, even if your station is useless, it will not hurt anything.


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