3366 small game site operation skills secret see Tencent skills

let my friends witness my achievements, and let my friends share my happiness!


is a rookie webmaster, a fully understand the webmaster, an inexperienced webmaster, a poor webmaster, that is me.

remember when I bought the 13311.net domain name, the original made a small game station of a friend told me that this domain name is garbage domain name, said useless, when I just play, and used to build a station. I didn’t expect this game station to operate for two months, so I feel very good.

one. Let’s take a look at the recent collection of search engines.

there I want to emphasize a number, that is the total amount of this station is only more than 40000 games, it included percentage or good. Although included is not very stable, but it can be seen that the search engine is still more attention to this site.

two. Let’s take a look at recent website traffic,

although this flow is not very high, but this site did not do any promotion, all by the search engines and users take the initiative to enter the site of the flow. So, for a new station, it can be said to be very good.

three. Advertising revenue

GG advertising revenue of about $1-5 per day, income is not much.

above these related data indicate, this station still has the advantage in various aspects. I decided to start from now on, related manpower and material resources, to operate the station.

so far, this site must be lack of various factors, mainly embodied in:

1. Lack of technical force within the industry;

two, lack of funds (even the server is still the most junk);

three, the lack of SEO master and all human resources and other means of optimization and promotion.

in short, I feel that I am in a very difficult situation to operate this station. If my friends in the industry have confidence or have the intention of cooperation and support for this station, I am looking forward to the help of my friends.

please feel free to contact our station (www.13311.net) webmaster, QQ:475389093, email: [email protected]

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