Health domain name case analysis select domain name focus on have road


domain name market at home and abroad has been very active, domain name trading at high prices and enable a lot of cases, the major share of overseas market transactions in the words and phrases domain name still dominate the market, China is still the dominant Pinyin and digital domain, recently the author found that the overseas market trading cases, health related industry domain is very popular.

overseas market, many investors pay attention to the health of the domain name, trading at high prices and enabled many cases, such as health domain for $55537 in overseas successful sale of about 380 thousand yuan, the Worldwide Media Inc Michael Berkens to $40000 successfully competing English word group domain name launched health website, the amount of about 270 thousand yuan, sold to 22337 domain name dollars, about 150 thousand yuan, the domain name $20000 for sale, etc..

can be seen from the above, foreign market, combination type health domain type multi word Health+ enabled other words related to enable this type not only lies in its ability to reflect the image of the website main operation direction, also contribute to the invisible website publicity and promotion, in addition to health and health domain types have enabled similar words, such as word recovery Recovery also, can reflect the implied meaning of health.

also, the domain name is the domestic health concern, such as the recent domestic first big white-collar portal officially opened the two level domain health channel, and also launched the two level domain and many health channel domestic companies, such as Sohu enable two domain name health channel, Kai launched health related channel, etc..

Of course, there are many domestic

health Web site, health domain type is diverse, such as the 39 Health Web site official domain name, health net Chinese red cross domain name is, the medical network enable digital domain name, baby cradle health net net enabled Larry domain, sexual health portal she network official website domain name is, the baby tree health Kai English network domain name, etc..

can be seen from the above cases, the domestic health domain than abroad health domain type is diverse, the domestic large portal and multi domain health two launch related channels, domestic special health sites have launched independent domain name, enabled local Pinyin domain name, have enabled the initials of domain name, also enable digital domain name easy to remember and access, and even enable to understand international English words, etc..

previously, WHO has applied for health exclusive top-level domain name ".HE>"

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