Grassroots webmaster do SNS station the future of a dark

1, first met, fell in love with her,

1 months ago, the group of friends of the SNS website, which can log, upload photos, better is also friends, playing many WEB games. I watched the thought I did such a website, can fire.

I find at the bottom of the copyright is UCH DZ, I immediately go to the official website to download the installation program, started as a website to domain name, then I registered the domain name (, to a website named "happy net 90Tom".

2, full of information, and strive to promote

site, I began to add information to the site, start is not popular, I can go to register, add a log, add the album, I collected a lot of MM information in the network, then try to register, add a log, add photos. Sleep only 4 or 5 hours a day, at that time really not sleepy, energetic, thinking about the future of the site, do not want to go to sleep.

almost added to hundreds of members, the information is almost the same, I began to promote the.

3, downhearted, the future is dark,

we grassroots webmaster, no money, no one to people, only themselves to the promotion, I started to my friends to promote, I told them, I go to a website, there are a lot of beautiful women, handsome guy (oh, when difficult are false information), you you can make friends with them, you can also play games on the inside, a happy farm, happy baby, dog, and CS games. When a friend to give me a face, a registered user, go to me saying, on this website, and what not happy net differences, all do not check, the game is the same, but he is in the happy farm QQ playing in the high level.

I was dumbfounded when

, before he has never played this, do not know when to. I will go to the happy net, QQ the station looked and found really not what difference, then I introduce to other friends, they are in happy net, playing on the 51, most will be in my registered user name.

I think there are always people on the network, I began to promote the network, and found that there are people who see, that is, no one registered.

finally helpless, the station has not updated, it has not been completely disappointed.

I summed up the reasons for the failure, the main thing is that the program does not highlight anything, basically are imitation, no features. And then we don’t have the strength to promote it.

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