7 thoughts on doing web site

number 1: please don’t do "URL station"". No matter how you are now and how confident your website is, it has personality and characteristics. Anyway, Baidu won’t give you any confidence. If you don’t have the money to give it to Mr. Li, please give it up at once.

second: please don’t be a porn station. These are just short-sighted people who will do it.

third: private website. There are many such young people, to this end to experience the "prison break" life. I hope you don’t join their team,.

fourth: please do not do lazy webmaster, did the website ten and a half months to update the website. Just wait out! So, now do the site should be the same as cattle industry. Please webmaster do psychological preparation. The world no matter how America cannot run amuck confuse right and wrong. Remember, when you give something, you’ll get it.

fifth: the website does not have or only the homepage is HTML static page, also is a website which does not succeed, regardless of your page content is original, very fresh, very individuality. Please make it a HTML static page. For search engines, he doesn’t like to play hide and seek, so don’t make your website completely dynamic. A successful website must have several static pages at the very least.

seventh: please don’t be a thief. "Thief" saw the word on the angry, this world should not have such a person, in reality, the thief is always living a nervous day. What is the Internet, really want to do the webmaster, I ask you not to do the thief webmaster, steal resources, use server resources of bandwidth resources of others to meet their own needs, even if the traffic is up, other resources in the end is not safe, if one day someone know you stole from him, when he is not let you steal, what resources you do, even if there are temporary visits, but one day than a day reduced, will let more people know you are not a site level.

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