Developing the mentality of building a website system

as a technician, I firmly believe that technology can change life.

when I graduated 04 years ago, I went to an Internet company. Technology executives interviewed a lot of people finally hired me, because I only write asp database connection string! Because the company has just started, the business is relatively simple, and most of the information technology company, website building, domain name, Baidu promotion etc.. The company also had a small computer, and at first I was given a display smaller than 15 inches. The new monitor I bought at school was 15 inches. The supervisor put me in the corner of the wall and asked the other technician to do it when the company was in business. He made me pay attention to other people’s website code and seemed to train me. I admired the technician very much. People had work to do every day.

for a newly graduated student, the process is painful. Every morning when you wake up, I will look at the ceiling, ask yourself, what do I have to go to the company today? Do, but would like to find a job. After work, I wanted to see other, don’t want to display. Once a colleague asked me: "Xiao Zhang, you do not touch the computer a day, will not be uncomfortable?" I smiled bitterly.

with the increase in business, the director arranged some tasks for me. When I can cope with my daily work, I feel the work is too monotonous. I always change the original code, change the database, but also in the messy HTML code nested similar code. I felt bored for a time. Until one day, the supervisor asked me, "do you think your code has improved?" I said without hesitation. "No, each site column is different, and the page design is different.". The supervisor interrupted me and said, "any manual repetitive work can be implemented by the program. You can use the previously written web code to see it.". I Speechless, is there a better way? The next few days, and my supervisor often sit together, discuss the characteristics of customer site, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the code, he also inspired me to think about a problem. What impressed me most was that he sketched new blueprints on paper with a pencil.

after working attitude change, I keep a positive attitude every day. I love solving technical problems, but I don’t like dealing with business people. All day long, they point to my program, because they always have two words of "customer" on their mouths, and I hate customers. Whenever I disagree, I ask, "didn’t they see my buttons on them? Did they hit the button"


later, under the direction of my supervisor, I wrote a program for automatically generating web sites. My task volume was greatly simplified. I almost do not write the program, just set up columns in the background, update the information on it. After the release of the code, many users have added me QQ, asked about the installation and use of some problems encountered. When I answered the same question 101st times, patience was gone. In >

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