King Kaka webmaster how to find the material to write soft Wen

my blog now has some more than 50 articles, while also for the company to write some soft Wen, I remember the first time I write soft 2009-05-12, had not sent his blog on A5, although it doesn’t really look like, but at the time of the first step of the webmaster. As far as I know, the webmaster general science and engineering is, to write this not very skilled and loved, but I feel that I write in your own words your experience and views, as we all know the look of it. Some owners sometimes can not find a written material, I also as for writing this worry, but now I guarantee a month wrote a dozen, said the following about my own experience, I hope to help you!

one, write your own experience and sum up

this kind of soft, in the webmaster class website is basically the mainstream, everyone to write their own experience and summary. Imagine that there are so many problems in optimization, promotion, marketing center website, every question we can express opinions, don’t be afraid to write well what people would say you are not afraid to write, others to suggest that we can progress. Others, such as you regularly visit Taobao, you can write your own how to choose products and avoid fake experience, and so on. Don’t be afraid, write your experience bravely. Tips: the king Kaka original, want to know more articles please search King Kaka (Kaka SEO), retains this copyright information, please reprint copyright reserved!

two, find problems by communicating with others, and then express your opinion,

as we do this almost every day bubble in the chat with others online, you can find some of their own interest or do not understand the problem, then this problem, we can find information, advice, and then combined with their own experience to write an article. Common problems found are: QQ and QQ group, some offline activities exchange, visit the forum, look at other people’s blog, look at search engines (such as in BD know other people’s problems) and so on. Not the lack of writing soft material, but we are missing a pair of eyes to find problems.

three, write the current social concern or hot information

recently, Jiangsu satellite TV If You Are The One in the country on the very hot, which also leads to a very controversial topic, we can have some of this topic combined with the promotion of the Internet some views. You may think that interoperability is poor, I also think so, a chance to meet a chance later Xi’an webmaster – Funny wit exchange this problem, he is in his blog to do the experiment, the result is very good, who are interested can go to his blog see.

we shouldn’t just look at all the hot, interesting stories that are currently on the minds of all of us, and we’ll be able to find the push better than the average reader

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