My website construction log

local website how to profit has been discussed many times the topic, but I still want to come to say. One is to share their experiences and we also hope that the webmaster, two experienced give me some valuable advice to the point:


, I recently made a local website, and the web site’s themes are cosmetics and something about female themes.

was supposed to be nationally based on this topic, selling ads or making GG money. But I think there are too many websites of the same type in China, so I can’t compete with them. Rather do Zito do Plumosa, and turned to the local station.

One problem with

local websites is that traffic is bound to drop and membership is limited. But in turn, because the user is concentrated, the impact on the local will increase, local promotion or do, this is the advantage of local websites.

OK, my website’s starting point is to provide a place for local MM to share their experience of using cosmetics. You can also share beauty tips, beauty experiences and so on. The main structure of the site is a SNS, you can also use the forum to combine a mall. The idea is to look at word of mouth — to guide shopping,

see here, we should understand a little bit, and I rely on the mall to make money, the mall can be divided into 2 forms.

is a B2C, that is, the site for sale, and the other is C2C, and call the local cosmetics business to sell.

, the first one can be likened to opening my own cosmetics store,

second can be understood as I built a big shopping mall and rented out the shops to other businesses. I rent, also can own their own shopping malls. With a

which is more promising? Think of yourself,

I haven’t done cosmetics business myself. So dare not rush into the purchase of their own sales. So we chose the latter. At present, the website has been built and basically can begin to popularize. Promotion marketing plan is basically like this, print two leaflets, one is for businesses, written investment information, it is better to write in our mall, Taobao is better than the reason to stay.

in addition to the business to print several boxes of business cards, leaving the location to allow them to write their online shop address, like this shop, daily passenger flow is very objective, many people go shopping. But I don’t worry about buying it. Then I’ll give him a business card. For businesses, they can develop a potential customer that they like very much. By the way, I’ve developed a very effective potential member for you.

, another kind is on the special street sends, the Internet bar, the school gate. Office buildings nearby is a good place to distribute leaflets. Don’t make big flyers. Big bad collection, it made business card size. Exquisite point. Cheap and easy to collect. Membership can be handed down by word of mouth. What do women like to discuss together???

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