Why is Baidu only included in the home page

this situation is a bundle of Rao many webmaster problems. Look at your website pages by search engine slowly shrink is very headache, at this time must first check from the external factors, see the website links if there was a station to be search engine punishment, whether the station relates to yellow, poison, gambling and disrupt public order or harm to society, then come back to check on you when the content of the website itself, for a period of time after the site to see.

if this is further reduced, add the corresponding content or external links.

I have 1 stops here, http://s.www.xirou123.cn/danguanxirou/view/view-15-1.html. DMOZ included. And GOOGLE 100% included, ranking is also very good, but Baidu is still not included in the same site. I’m also working on some details from all the details. What’s wrong with the process? Can you communicate with me?. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their web site inexplicable Baidu included reduced, and some have not found the reason, there is no suitable solution. Baidu has also been included to reduce some friends called "Baidu depilates" or "Baidu resort". How to reduce the number of Baidu included, please continue to look down.

if it is new station, appear suddenly reduce, in fact, there is nothing to worry about, because Baidu and Google is not the same. Although Google restrictions loose, but stable, the page has certain requirements, update content is gradually increased. And Baidu, most like to do is included new sites, as long as the pages are included, and then slowly finishing.

There are too many specific reasons for

. There are about dozens of common causes listed below. See below:

(1) conflicts with the Baidu administrator’s manual,

reason: such as accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on. If this happens, even if Baidu has included you, don’t feel muddle through, because when the update will gradually eliminate. Two level domain name and blog cross connection.

solution: this needless to say, and quickly modify your own page, in addition to the two level domain name should not be excessive use. Blog cross connection is now useless, leaving one or two connections inside, you can, much better take out.

(2) website content originality is too poor,

reasons: almost all of the content collected, but also a very popular collection of articles. Baidu will suddenly include you thousands of pages, but after Baidu included, in a certain period of time will be re search, if your content is worthless, it will be discarded.

solution: after collection, slightly modified, and then released. Don’t be lazy, move your hands, skim through the article, change paragraphs or parts

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