Personal cognition of independent blog and third party blog

with the rapid development of the Internet, blog in network marketing is not what happens, blog marketing is the most simple and free way of marketing in a variety of network marketing, blog and independent blog and the third party blog, here I talk about my own understanding of independence and the third party blog blog.

from the cost point of view, independent blog and third party blog

want to own independent blog must buy space, domain name registration, but also to build a blog, if you want to use your own blog to make money, then, first you should know what is your theme, you want what customers need to blog content, choose their familiar build blog system, and the third party blog. The basic cost is 0, as long as the registration to the third party blog registered account can publish articles;

functionally, independent blogs and third party blogs,

has the independent bloggers can add some extensions in his blog, for example, product display, product features of video display, micro-blog account Association, which gives the business marketing brought abundant functions, make the independent blog twice, and the third party blog not only increases the application in the system of the small part within the scope of the extension, the use of weak function.

in the long run, independent blogs and third party blogs

third party blog hosting service is free of charge. However, the service side does not assume any responsibility, and the service is not guaranteed. If it is blocked and interrupted, then a large amount of resources accumulated through the blog may be destroyed overnight. If it is their own blog, then you can manage by hand, regular backup, to protect the stability and security of the blog.

, if I like the program. Or want to have an independent personal brand?. Consider yourself an independent blogger.

: how to set up an independent blog? Is that independent blog is in the domain name, space, content independent blog, compared with the third party blog, more free, more flexible, more powerful, more valuable.

1, buy domain name. Domain name to choose easy to remember, it is better to use a shorter pinyin or English letters, do not appear to connect lines, try to choose.Com domain name.

2, space is the server. You can buy it at the space service provider.

3, select the blog platform. My own use is WP, based on PHP, which is a personal hobby, WordPress has a lot of plug-in can provide additional features to show many templates can provide a variety of styles, specifically how to use configuration, ask Baidu.

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