The necessary conditions for successful website management

the necessary conditions for successful website management

email marketing is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing. E-mail marketing can be said to be older than most web marketing and marketing practices. In contrast, search engine optimization is the younger generation.

licensing email marketing

email marketing here is by no means spam, and it has nothing to do with spam.

what I introduced and recommended is the so-called licensed email marketing, that is, the recipient volunteered to ask you to e-mail him.

this license is usually the way the user leaves his name and email address on your website. This data will automatically enter your email list, and the program will automatically send out a welcome letter and automatically send a series of prefabricated emails regularly. If you send a useful article to this email list every month, this mailing list becomes an electronic magazine.

the key point is that you need to leave your email address on your website and register your e – mail instead of grabbing or buying e-mail from someone else. The registered email records, you should record the IP address of the registered users when accurate, time to do after the complaint, in case that you not spam evidence.

insurance is dual licensed email, that user registration will receive a confirmation letter, only after confirmation click the link in the email that was officially included in the email list. This prevents a lot of people from using fake email addresses or wrong email addresses.

Why do

users register your mailing list?

must give the user a reason to actively register. This can be a free tutorial, an industry report, a coupon, and so on. With more and more websites, it’s getting harder for users to keep e-mail. You do not give some benefits, it is difficult to allow users to take the initiative to leave e-mail address.

for the convenience of the user registration form is only recommended to join emaillist to ask your name and email address, don’t ask some other important information such as gender, work units, telephone and so on, the more simple and easier to persuade people to register.

this registration form should be placed in a very prominent place on the site, you can properly use pop-up window.

The benefits of

email marketing

a user comes to your website, may be looking for information, may be to buy things, may be wandering. The first time a user comes to your site, the sales rate is very low. Users must see your website many times, get familiar with it and have a sense of trust before you can easily buy things from your website, or do anything you want him to do.

most users come to your website and leave without shopping

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