The orientation of new era stationmaster’s profit direction

as a webmaster, you should often hear this saying that GG was blocked, Ali’s mother was sealed, and the Baidu union was sealed. The day is GG. Threatening. Stationmaster always so hard, this advertisement cannot, the advertisement cannot at the same time, this advertisement is not every day not landing in the background into another machine, what time will allow us to have these grassroots webmaster ease a little, I think this is the most webmaster wish.

for advertising, in fact, my own small joke net and most owners do advertising, what time all day watching GG always on tenterhooks income can reach the number of issued time, worried that their GG is K, the total will be hit and friends chatted. One time I asked a webmaster friend who had done GG from the end, and that’s what he said to me:

first, your website must be positioned well, this is very important, positioning determines revenue, do the beginning of the station, it is necessary to consider clearly what customer groups. Than my joke net is the youth service, these customers are useful for mobile phone, as can be imagined can do funny pictures and jokes SP business is a good choice, SP business does not exist this cheating thing.

second the accumulation of customer resources, customers have you worried about being GGK away? You need to complete the group form development.

third to have a certain network of people, that is to say, there are at least a few free to bring you new sites of friends. Such a station is easy to develop.

fourth do you familiar with the industry, not a hot head watching others do what you do, only a professional can find a way to make money in the bank, otherwise can only be imitators, a doomed imitator.

above is some personal point of view, hope webmaster friend more exchanges guidance.

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