Shop baby description should have 6 conditions

A lot of Taobao

shopkeeper will want a beautiful baby description template to decorate the baby details page, but please note that most people just want a beautiful template, it is only a framework to describe the page, most people ignore the elements of baby description information display base, to cater to the user experience. The product information, features and the professional level of the store can not be effectively demonstrated. Taobao is selling hot women’s category as representative, analysis of the baby described the key to optimize some of the details, personally believe that a qualified baby description should have the following conditions.

1. offers multi angle product display

multi angle display of goods, allowing customers a wide range of understanding, baby appearance. As we store shopping, we picked up something, will be around at a glance, online shopping was only on picture to view the product appearance and color, even if the baby side do not know whether this is Diao Chan or Xifeng, significantly increased the customer of this commodity doubts? Which affect the conversion rate of



2. main drawing magnification effect

users on the main map of the mouse refers to the place to display product details, strengthen the buyer’s true experience, combined with the above said multi angle product display, so that customers understand the product in all directions. PS: when you upload the main picture above 800px*800px, you can zoom in on the baby details page.


3. size information


information can effectively less customer service answer about the size of this kind of problem, also let consumers know what products purchased every local dimensions, be clear at a glance that see the product is suitable for your body, the more important point is to reduce the rate of refund, the refund rate not only affects the daily operation work baby, will also affect the search rankings.

4. product description

, especially in the form of online shop, the product description of a thousand times all, or just to mention the weight, color, baby name. A less shopping guide entity store, can not make good performance. The product features and design concepts are described by familiar sentences, which add to the conversion rate of this baby.


5. detail features

according to local outstanding elements to show the details of this product, not only for consumers to understand and eliminate the doubts of the quality, but also be able to apply for Taobao "detail feature" service, get details feature identification.


6. intimate reminder

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