Network brand protection should start from the domain name forward looking

domain name is an intangible asset, which is the entrance and logo of the website. If the layout of the website can be described as the appearance and character of the website, then the domain name can be said to be the name of a website. Represents the external brand symbol of the website. Not only plays the role of website entrance and the identification of websites, but also plays the role of brand trademark, and shapes the network brand image of the website. In particular, the development of e-commerce, so that enterprises frequent net, online development has become a breakthrough for enterprises to seek new development. Enterprise to do e-commerce online marketing, you need to establish enterprise website, so, choose a good domain name as enterprise’s network trademark, can better create enterprise’s Internet brand image. As intangible assets of websites and enterprises, domain names play an important role. The development of the Internet has also led to the development of high-end industrial scale domain name, domain name and domain name cybersquatting for sale as a scarce resource, timely protection of the domain name in order to protect the Internet brand image becomes very important.

domain name is very important to personal website, it is more important to big website and enterprise website. Enterprise and domain name depend on each other, choose a good domain name for enterprise, can achieve the brand of an enterprise, and help the enterprise to develop better in the network section. Domain name is closely related to enterprise network development and e-commerce. Now many enterprises and big websites have included domain name protection in enterprise development strategy and brand protection strategy. Most enterprises will protect the registered domain name as a development strategy in advance, and even buy high priced products related domain name as a protection point, seize the opportunity of domain name. Some enterprises in order to open up new areas of business, or expand the business market, in addition to enable the official website of the two level domain, also spend heavily to purchase goods related to the domain name, as a new independent domain name protection to enable or do. As before, Tencent successfully acquired its related products, QQ group related domain name, Baidu post bar high price acquisition of domain name, and as a protection point. Recently also successfully acquired the information of and Amoy Amoy gang " three spell domain name, plus,, prior to the acquisition of,, domain name, Alibaba has its business to buy a dozen related domain names, can do long-term plan in brand protection.

well-known enterprises and sites concerned about a domain name, will further enhance the value of domain names, and even about the market trend of the domain name. Alibaba this time a series of three spell domain acquisition, is bound to set off a "three spell" domain name registration and sale of the upsurge. Three spell domain name price will rise, be malicious registered three spell domain name will also be more and more. Therefore, websites and enterprises need to do a good job of domain name protection in advance. Some domain names registered earlier than enterprises or trademarks, which have a special relationship with trademarks and brands, directly prove that such domain names are confusing even if they are trademarks

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