The key point of brand website construction is design sense affinity function and experience


in today’s society, the brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce, enterprises use the traditional way to create a well-known brand cost is huge, and on the Internet, a successful website will give enterprises with low investment and high returns, which is why almost every enterprise want to the enterprise brand image custom fit

enterprise website!

a good corporate brand website will give your visitors leave deep, friendly, trustworthy impression, and these visitors may have many potential target customers are enterprises, in other words, a successful brand building site will win more loyal customers for the enterprise, establish a good corporate image, promote the formation of the brand website. Hefei website construction company with Rui technology in the brand website construction has accumulated a lot of actual combat experience, here and we talk about brand website construction of several key points:

1, design sense

The first

brand website for Internet users to feel is very important, in order to better show the image and product characteristics, design requirements of brand website construction in addition to meeting the needs of website function more website. The design here includes website image design, website visual design, website interaction design and website creative design, and all these are for the purpose of showing the brand image of the enterprise, emphasizing the brand characteristic and serving. In order to make the enterprise website have a prominent design sense, and achieve the visual impact on users and appeal, there are several noteworthy places:

1) the overall design style of corporate brand website should be unified and the enterprise image, namely the website color system, visual elements, page layout and the website logo image and website publicity language font to maintain consistency of style;

2) design brand website to highlight their personality, and if the other sites are the same style, how can the visitors feel enterprise personality? Personality design usually reflected in the colors and lines and layout flexibility;

3) in the construction of brand websites, we can use multimedia to display and deduce the enterprise’s spleen, such as putting relevant videos of the enterprise.

two and affinity

enterprise brand website reflects the image and personality, but also should pay attention to the affinity of the site, affinity for users to generate more favorable impression, enhance the user’s viscosity of the site. The affinity of the site is shown in:

1. reasonable website structure

reasonable website structure allows users to find their information faster and more conveniently. For example, website navigation menu, site columns, site plate division, sites within the chain structure and the site search function, how to design reasonable they will improve the affinity of the site to consider.


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