Should the virtual host and the sharing station go to the left or right

today, "rivers and lakes", sharing and virtual host sharing the world, for small webmaster, how to choose? Talk about the difference between the two

virtual host: there is a general 200-300 space on a single machine, the support system is relatively small, generally limited generation, especially some more web page, it accounted for the generation of static resources, IDC control is very strict, generally after the purchase, not allowed to unsubscribe, prices relatively affordable, and can be replaced the domain name in the novice do stand, is very affordable.

sharing: generally 10-50 spaces, the general limit is not large, the average price is more expensive, in the already profitable site, or traffic has a large site, there is a market. I have a server, but also looking for people together, and I hope to find a few like-minded people have been open, hey,

comprehensive evaluation: the virtual host is more suitable for completely new station or enterprise type website, for example, one day 1000 IP below the website

shared servers are suitable for medium-sized websites, and 3000-6000 IP uses

After the

virtual host general purchase, not allowed to retire. Shared space can generally be converted, more flexible. The biggest difference is speed, which directly affects the site was included in the search engine, how to identify a virtual host and shared space is good or bad, you can from the following aspects.

1, Baidu search the company’s name, turn back a few pages.

2 go to my evaluation of the virtual host, take a look at other people’s comments, in addition, there are some webmaster query tool is also good,

2, Baidu search the company’s name + garbage, there will certainly be a lot of information, but to see the reason for being scolded.

is a fraud, or problem solving, is limited, or subjective reasons, is not a refund, or other specific reasons, such as general often attacked, or slow, or non subjective on the company’s responsibility, can avoid the reference.

3 personally with a vest QQ to consult, look at the service attitude, as well as the way to run.

also inspects his idc’size, and the new IDC can’t find anyone’s IDC at night. There is also a case of your traffic, and later refund problems, you can use vest QQ asked. I have 6 months left in my space, and now I want to go back and see how they deal with it.

4 can also test a few questions, such as the phone, their customer service, the question of space, and now their response. Basically, you can test a few.

5, most importantly, ask some of your friends for space recommendation, ask where they are, how fast they access and how they deal with the problem.

finally, I am also a small webmaster, I have a dual line server in Hangzhou World Guide, I hope to find >!

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