Two years DC work career as a souvenir

IDC for two years in the blink of an eye, actually. Think, when I first came, I did not know that our computer room is based on CNC, ha ha, contact telecommunications for a month. There is no denying that I came here to work to earn money, not to realize my ideal, to show my ambition, and not so great. Also, by the end of this month, my school loan debt owed, home, paid off. 3 years ahead of schedule I expected. I’m glad. And you can support your family. You can send money to your parents every month. Endowment insurance.

I like sitting alone, thinking about things, not liking, it’s a habit. I am afraid of noisy people, because my parents often quarrel, so I never quarrel with any of my girlfriend, the object is used to hurt. I don’t care too much about people who want to quarrel with me. I really don’t like to talk to you. I can do many things in that time. May be the pressure bar, also through things, my facial expression is not too rich, an old man said I undemonstrativeness. Hey, sometimes too numb, really do not want to shape in color.

here under contempt I have not asked the old man, since I am online, I must be in, even offline message I will reply back to see, you don’t have to worry about me in trouble or fear of responsibility. What is not, is not what ah. If you have the first sentence "yes", please finish with the second sentence. I’m not too busy. I’m sure I can see you. In fact, I can also understand that customers, many of them were busy, online or offline not back, hanging, and some people will avoid wrong customers, those things actually didn’t what can escape, the courage to face what is not bad, who will escape. I don’t want to do what everyone else can do. Well, the words are open, and some customers still understand.

well, I want to set a goal for myself as soon as possible. Now, work is just a habit. I like customers looking for me, I adapt to busy work, and efficient, busy will not mess. Because I am afraid of quiet, calm down and feel good empty, feel the world doesn’t need me, so busy just to prove my existence. Many people will attack counterparts, attack commercial attack, in fact these are not necessary, I disdain these acts, if you think that others are not good, why not to say, if your competitors are rubbish, you will not be too great. In fact, the real opponent is yourself, those customers come not to listen to you say your opponent how, but want to know how you how.

sometimes, don’t look at yourself. It’s too heavy. Don’t look too light. When you see some people jumping up and down, I feel like they’re miserable. The worst thing to do is that I might be pessimistic, but if you think so, you’ll always have surprises.

has been in IDC for two years and finds himself still in the initial stage of computer applications, and things will be too great

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