Small grassroots webmaster four years to work hard can the king come back


in 2007 from a game addicts identity into the China Internet, at that time I only Wangzhuan interest, what also don’t understand. At that time, I wanted to make a living and do something for my family to see. Sometimes I often say to myself, "I live for every sense of achievement and superiority.".


the first year I raised several million yuan to do a network studio, mainly engaged in gaming. Game brush industry. The beginning is OK, the income is good, then a local man really want to cooperate with me together, so I agreed, at first the idea is: if I can expand the scale of his intervention, and then to do something. At first the manual leveling well dry, then emerging scripts and WG shattered my dream, then I change their mode of operation, the development of the main game gold brush. At first it was violent, and then the game operator’s frantic attack shattered my dream again. Later, I don’t think I need to say, and everyone will understand that bankruptcy has been made.

second years, because the business is gone, and his other half broke up with me. Reality [overwhelming frustration] three years together, funny me. This time the blow did not completely knock me down, later on the Internet to see a lot of Wangzhuan website advertising have what is the temptation, temptation is. So I went home and discussed with my father. My father gave me ten thousand yuan, and then told me to go to work, because the first failure, then I was eager to stand up. Want to head to chest stood in the crowd, standing in the heap friends! And joined a Wangzhuan forum. Don’t start your one hundred dollars at that time in learning what to learn, construction site, server environment what, for me now that is a foundation, but at that time I felt every time learned one thing my heart will have sense of superiority and a sense of achievement feeling administrator is very powerful, very! Admire. [results] the quilt is also began to contact the site of inclusion on website does not understand the child, home to find people in the local scene made a website, a year 2600. I feel this is still more expensive to learn ah, I gave the administrator a total of more than 6000, and the result is to pull the black phone number. Tragedy [on foot]


Tell the

second years of experience I can’t believe some Wangzhuan


1. advertising content is like this: day to earn 1000 yuan, not wake up

, if you can earn a thousand dollars a day, you won’t have time to collect your 200 tuition fees to teach you for a lifetime. Understand,


2. believes every training session in the A5 forum, because they are reasonably priced and not violent. Don’t trust the training of small forums!


they can earn thousands of Yuan had no time to teach you! So profitable projects, take you hundreds of dollars to teach you how to operate? The sky will not fall pie, but will not fall pie, hard base >

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