Five tips for improving the click through rate of blogs

how to improve the click rate of blogs is what bloggers are thinking about. While increasing your click rate, keep your readers, attract them to read again, and make your blog an exchange of information for many readers. In fact, in order to improve your blog click rate, it is not difficult, the following Xiaobian with their own experience, to provide you with five suggestions.


suggests: Bowen is different, unique,

in this era of information explosion, every day there are countless Bowen published, the quality is uneven, content is similar. Many readers see dull, boring blogs that simply turn off the web, so all you have to do is differentiate your blog from other blogs and make it unique and unique.

you can choose different with other people to carry on the elaboration, by provision of paths, choose a new way to go, but you need to be discerning, find topics of interest and a lot of people have not been written into the blog. You can also choose to write your blog in humorous language, which is more lively and interesting. Having your own style is a winning weapon in many blogs.

recommendation two: improve quality and update


high quality Bowen is the fundamental reason for the continued development of blog. At the same time, we need to update regularly and improve the ranking of search engines in order to attract more readers.

improve the quality of your blog, in addition to the rich content of your blog, insert the exquisite pictures and video, can also provide some quality links in the post, it can not only get the reader’s trust and welcome, but also improve the search engine rankings. Avoid appearing content and excessive advertising that have nothing to do with your article. This will only reduce your professionalism and lose your reader’s trust.

do regular updates to prevent readers from forgetting you. Regular updates can improve your rankings and reap loyal and steady audiences.

recommendation three: social media promotion

social media is a good platform to ignore. Just add a small program to synchronize your blog and social accounts, and remind your fans that your new post has been released.

in fact, social media is a soft promotion platform, not excessive publicity, so you will cause readers to plan, lose a lot of fans. Social tools are just a way to provide information, and you should provide valuable information to your fans, rather than being a hub for junk advertising.

recommendation four: organize events and improve participation

to improve the click through rate, it is necessary to establish a good interaction with readers. Activities can be held regularly, such as competition between readers, providing some information about readers’ benefits or products.


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