China’s nternet market in the eyes of foreign owners

there is no doubt that the 2008 China is the focus of the world, the economic growth rate of 8.7% that together in the East Asia South Korea, Japan and the neighbors inferior by comparison, the arrival of the new year, the world will have some of what to expect of us, especially the webmaster at this particular industry — China Internet, it will bring what kind of influence to the world of


China the potential of the Internet is very endless, pointed out that the twenty-third report of CNNIC, the number of Internet users Chinese has reached 298 million, reached the world first (January 2009 survey), this huge cake in raising our many compatriots at the same time, also by foreign tycoons valued, America Online Skype, FC2 and mixi in Japan, and so on (these are the only two years in Chinese development company), in addition, there is a part of the same with our personal webmaster, also in trying to find Chinese market entry road.

at a time at the world forum, one of which I am most interested in the forum, the Asia Pacific Forum, the reason is very simple, the other part is too high, we can read only here Dongdong (all things around), the most interesting is to see the views of foreign Master are the network market Chinese and they encountered during the operation of some small trouble:

1. introduction: there are a lot of people will ask how to solve the problem Chinese encoding simplified and traditional Chinese, when asked to explain this problem, they should start by using collection and translation tools in Chinese station, but the problem of encoding a kind, indeed, the encoding problem is very complex. Now the popular UTF-8, GB2312, GB5 and so on, Chinese website to real world, encoding must be unified, and UTF-8 is the best choice, whether it is for the viewer or engine.

2. Baidu on the problem: when they complete the homepage in the best of spirits after they found a striking problem, Chinese not love with Google, but many on a local Baidu engine, and then someone will put forward a lot of About Baidu problems, such as the Baidu custom encoding, different points of Baidu with the Google ranking strategy, Baidu abandoned.Com spam sites and so on news and news, foreigners love Baidu, is a good news for us, because God is China webmaster Baidu also began to foreigners in class. The first step towards the internationalization of the China Internet Corporation on behalf of Baidu also began to set up Baidu Inc in Japan, a shot in the arm for us Chinese, founded in less than half the time, traffic soared, then check the official sources found that 80% of users are from Chinese). The wall was blocked by Japan Baidu, has not heard what the message in the forum, until I saw a Japanese netizens entitled "Baidu in Japan’s adventure", he pointed out that Baidu Li Yan.

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