From the grassroots online proximic advertising speculated Taobao ad form

accidentally sees proximic content matching ads on grass roots, and it feels good. See here:

proximic announced at the end of 09, with Taobao marketing, technical cooperation, has played an important role that proximic technology should be fast in recent Taobao alliance, the future of Taobao alliance advertising model should be more abundant than the existing Taobao customers. Collaboration announcement: /66003-3098265.htm

adds content related products to the website, showing that it is not the traditional concept of accurate advertising, but the category of functional advertising. The so-called functional website advertising between function and advertising, can be regarded as a kind of soft advertising, on the one hand, enhances the function of the content of the site, on the other hand, visitors can also provide valuable information, further than general soft wen.

One advantage of the

content, the advertisement is also each page shows the contents are different, the traditional Google Baidu ads, stereotyped, thousands of visitors can have the same station, how much interest on


so I was very optimistic about the content, type of advertising, but proximic in China does not accept registered webmaster (I do not know what is the relationship between the grassroots webmaster nets engage on), if you are interested to buy can see, there are two kinds of content, type of advertising, in addition to the intelligent quotation window (similar to proximic), and in this paper, the intelligent chain, are very promising mode.

special purchase is also a new alliance, but there are special king and buy dragon international support, non general small league comparable. Understanding some new advertising models is good for the station owners.

functional advertising concept for me original, welcome friends interested in this area plus QQ exchange: 854727271.

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