Do learn by heart is the kingly way

website to heart is king

we now have this feeling! Finally by Baidu, Google and other search engines to find their favorite things, but to enter the site was blindsided, site not open a window to The early bird catches. A click on the link after the eye or an advertisement with fraudulent clicks, a little good luck to you need to find something before finally patience exhausted, bad luck in some need to register, pay and other harsh conditions eventually give up. I as a secretarial staff on the website, "Baidu" days very much, therefore, deceived as to cheat the homely food, N IP, more important is to delay their time, upset since Needless to say.

in those who rely on pop, deception IP, malicious download site, in fact, their income is my personal The loss outweighs the gain., habits, for those familiar with the "junk" website often skip, after all, deceived many times, they have the impression, often to avoid their interference, so in the long run, they earn money really is not worth.

I think, do heart to heart is the kingly way. Of course, the only immediate, short-sighted spam sites not listed here, after all they want is a monk bell — muddle along. Because of the damage done by many "junk websites", I know the significance of a practical web site for users. I originally set up my study document blog, the original intention is to let other secretarial writing staff no longer suffer from me.

below, I will talk about specific sites should pay attention to several aspects:

, think about what the user wants.

sites are for profit or free service users. The ultimate customer base is the user, so it is incumbent upon us to provide convenience to our customers. Imagine a hotel if there is no food, no good service attitude, the business can be better? Content and service actually is indispensable, who can guarantee that their website content, the one and only the best in all the land. The earth moves away from everyone, so empathy is especially important. As a web site owner, should be considered from the user point of view, to see how to allow users to use more comfortable, how can more attract the user’s eye?.

, that’s what every web site should think about.

two, not to be confused by petty profits.

now many websites eager for instant success, website content is not perfect, publicity is not in place, traffic has not yet been developed. You can scarcely wait for advertising alliance earn advertising fees, this time the formal alliance is basically not apply. So you can only apply for small advertising leagues, so pop ads, display ads, and so on, hang onto the web. In order to earn more money, I racked my brains and hung on advertisements in various ways. Cheat user points and hang next to the links that other users must click

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