Long tour website new station development strategy

imperceptibly siteview web games (www.gameloog.com) has launched more than 2 months, IP is less than 1000IP, I think the game station is relatively less. Now mainly rely on search engines to flow, basically did not how to promote, feel the station with several aspects of the problem. To solve them one by one, hope that the webmaster friends can give points.

network marketing, in fact, their previous understanding is wrong, they are too limited, always into the search engine of the circle, that do is to stop the search engine and do lead to ambiguity website positioning, user experience is very bad in my opinion; too much consideration of the search engine, without taking into account to our website is to give users what they need, what will come to our website, and not just a search engine, so keep the user, now the user viscosity is poor, basically come, and go; user stickiness, one thing is a headache, but it should be better than the other day at least, do some improvements (such as the call by TAG, the user can see the contents of many;).

also I think it is too close to the location of the portal site, is not competitive, this is a beginning of the positioning error, the future development of website how, feel sure to have its own characteristics, special topic several popular games might be a good way, now "game operators so much, the registration of a union, it specialize League game content information, it should be much better than the portal.

need a their own forum, or in cooperation with other forum, this is I these days in question; a game station is just to provide the consultation that is not enough, so what did not appeal to users, after all, the site does not authority, not professional; on the altar, is really a toil live, but for the user stickiness is greatly improved, to attract users through several major web games on your own website, and give them a platform for the exchange, so think it is very good.

finally, do the website, I think execution is the key.

hope that the webmaster can give an opinion oh.

The most critical thing about

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