Webmaster growth four thinking about the website column setting

this should be the beginning of the topic to talk about, do a website, have to plan, to build, and then operation; why today to talk about this, there is a reason. As a novice webmaster, do more planning, you have not practiced, you don’t know how bad, your site columns have much impact on you, these columns will occupy much of your time of renewal, if you have time to complete the update every day, whether the source of information, when you build upon back to reflect on, find some disappointments.


section of the web site is the site navigation and vane, column direct influence is your target customers visit, so how to set the column effect on your website has far-reaching significance, is no exaggeration to say that if the website content is king, so to guide your content unless the page’s speculation, expired the content can only be used to guide the program.

for the vast majority of grass-roots webmaster like me, basically technical, art editor is a person to do, then how to do the column planning?. Personal experience, to set the plot column, you have to find the column a large number of sources of information, or else it is not recommended to open a good, unless other reasons, can be returned to the large class, as far as possible into the large category. Talking about this, there are several ways of thinking. If you are a big direction of the station, then you try to set the column; if you are doing the refinement of the website, try to classify each of the segments, get the corresponding columns, each column to keep fresh blood to maintain. At present, the network part-time network in such a predicament, set a lot of columns, found that some repeated, leading to the following column will appear for a long time updates, not content.

secondly, the number of columns set is very important. Besides promoting, the website updates every day. How many updates will directly affect your day plan, so at the beginning of the occasion, it should be good for their updated design and the best time, otherwise you will easily fall into the vast sea of time can’t pull it out.


has positioned the column, the next effort is to complete the update. Remember, to update every day, a part-time network is your best example.

, let’s report the situation this week. From the search engine traffic is currently stable in the 40 search volume, compared to the previous few IP a day has been much better. It is not difficult to flow, with several flow tools brush up, because the network is not going to do part-time network garbage station, to do a long standing, so every step is very practical in advance. Lasted nearly 2 months of updates, the current snapshot of Google updated every day, this week and updated the amount of more than 300 articles, Google almost every week now 300-500 of the increase included. Look at Baidu, this week only update a snapshot, but still remain in the last month of 28, I feel very sorry, but included only an increase of more than 300, 1200 to 1500 last week, this week anyway, this is another.

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