Webmaster experience basic knowledge of domain name registration 1

The domain name is one of the

webmaster do site must be conditions, a good domain name is a good brand, has great significance to the whole network marketing, today to share part of the basic knowledge of domain name registration, we hope to help the webmaster.

first, the best use of independent domain name: I believe many webmaster and enterprises are aware of the necessity of independent domain name. There are a lot of free space and the two level domain name in a few years ago, but now a lot of service does not already exist, and is not conducive to the user memory, so, now almost no free choice. This kind of personal webmaster and enterprise. In addition, the use of others. There is a risk, if there is a problem of service providers, then to establish the brand and hard symplectic flow will be destroyed on one day, in view of this, suggestions of individual stationmaster and enterprises have their own domain name registration.

second, best short and easy to remember: a lot of domain names are English alphanumeric form, some webmaster and enterprise English love words and acronyms as a domain name company. Whichever way you choose, should follow the principle of short and easy to remember. Especially the English word domain name, because many domestic users on less commonly used English words memory is difficult, so the Chinese Web site or Pinyin as the first choice. Many users now will give full play to the imagination, embedded digital, Larry, pure digital are widely used. The company name is some special words Pinyin combination, so it is natural to form a brand, for the latter part of the promotion is also very helpful, at the same time, the domain name is best not more than 7 letters, too long is not easy to remember.

third, don’t use symbols: we usually use hyphens common domain name, often because of the registration in line with their own domain name has been registered, so they use a hyphen to register. This domain name often gives professional image, if the domain name is very short so it was better if several words with a hyphen to a block, not only is not easy for users to remember, the company’s brand is not very good.

fourth, domain name meaning: don’t be too far fetched some domain name we can understand the basic meaning from the literal, but some domain name cannot associate specific meaning, but some users at the time of registration must go too far fetched certain meaning, in fact, only I can understand, many users do not know what the domain name on behalf of. Usually we are not difficult to find, many large companies and brands are often just the domain name and demanding literal meaning, just about homophonic, such as Baidu, Google, VANCL, dunsh and so on, at least we just literally did not know what is, according to its own brand building to accumulate and slowly promotion.

fifth, compared to the best.Com: there are a lot of the domain name,.Net,.Com type,.Org,.Cn,.Edu,.Gov and so on, then choose a domain name suffix to use what is good? We should first look at the nature of their own, if government.

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