Many years of nternet experience to share with the webmaster who are struggling

"at that time the idea of personal webmaster is very simple, very few because of the money and site."." Indeed, in 2000, I began to do personal stations, personal websites that were made before 2004, all in free space, static pages, and beautifully designed. Go to the computer lovers forum or show your friends. At that time, everyone’s enthusiastic comments gave me a lot of motivation.

graduated from University, very smooth, to find a Internet Co to do the design, students and friends know that I do this industry, began to introduce the company’s business site for me to do. In order to facilitate the receipt of private life, I made two websites

1.) local "home of Web sites" (to attract more business)

2.) the studio that you designed (for the user)

customers are mostly small business owners, there are individuals to open online shop.

and they are in contact with the process slowly, my horizons are also open, the passion for the enterprise site also retreated.

thought he could do something later.


, I came to Beijing, in order to achieve my bigger goal.

soon found a good company. I worked hard and then became manager of the design department after the probation period. The company is growing stronger and my department is getting more and more people. At the end of the day, when I left my job, I already had six designers. I was tired and stressed, but I was happy because I could learn more.

a chance, the original friend of the design together, told me that he did "game introduction" network advertising earned money, let me also apply for a Google Adsense, on the web site is a try.

half believe and half doubt for an account. Hanging on what was originally "web site", only 300IP per day, 20 cents.

little money, but I see hope.

at that time, I made a very simple website with a small amount of my own ASP, and there was no problem with the content release. But the function is bad.

after joining a lot of webmaster group, and the group of webmaster learn from each other, from then on, basically every day to admin5. Met a lot of webmaster friends here. In the process of doing my station, help is great. Even work has been a great help.

about 2 months later, the site traffic up. Income is also increasing.

when the company took me from the design manager and product manager for (because after work every night for my personal website to the idea, want to promote themselves, the site of CEO, although compared to other colleagues to learn more, the day have a meeting, is to suggest some good ideas. Compared with other colleagues. Getting company reuse is normal, too.)

about six months in the past, personal website traffic to 2>

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