Local decoration network subdivision operation of the road but also to achieve a small market pro

local decoration network has been subdivided in the sub – site, from the country sub – to local, from real estate segmentation to home improvement! It seems that there is no market in this subdivision of the decoration network, but it is precisely this subdivision, creating a large profit margins local decoration network! Because the subdivision of the local decoration network has a more clear users and businesses, which will help the webmaster focus on good service to their target users! But also more likely to put their own website information make more professional, of course, if only good service users and businesses, not to expand the profit rate, but requires a lot of skills and methods, the author will analyze how to make local decoration network achieve more profit point!

1: advertising profit point

this is the place to decorate the net common profit growth point, and with the increase of the local net decoration of loyal users, the advertising costs will rise, because some local building materials decoration company or team in order to gain more customers, will install a source of net value to repair, they will be to attract users through the area of advertising, on the other hand also through a variety of marketing and information to enhance their own brand image of the company, so by giving the local decoration company can also release the soft information to obtain a certain profit, and now the marketing in hot period, many places decoration network through the release of soft can also earn good profits!

two: working with the decoration company to participate in bidding

with local decorate website in more and more influential local users, many users will leave your contact information on the website to publish the renovation activities in general, if the decoration companies take the initiative to contact you, the price is often easier to talk about, if users take the initiative to find a decoration company, then may obtain the quotation is high, a skill which is actually doing business, so now more and more users start using a trusted platform to publish bidding information, which is to participate in the bidding competition provides the possibility to place decoration nets!

after all local decoration the business network resources will be more abundant, the webmaster can according to the needs of users, to help users select the appropriate business and local businesses in the decoration net lead, but also willing to use more preferential prices to cooperate in such places decoration network parameters and bidding situation is generally very easy! After all, local decoration are the credibility in the eyes of loyal users, but I believe that the use of the trust is to stand in the user’s point of view, to let the user through the introduction of yourself, get high quality decoration services, if a user deceived, may lead to the whole place is lack of decoration of confidence, so The loss outweighs the gain.!

three: engage in local decoration, building materials and home products group

a lot of people know the plight of websites that buy type, but it’s undeniable that the group buying model is both for businesses and users

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