Site user experience whole to detail interactive design plan


early in 2012, I was responsible for the company’s "deep matching" products carried out a comprehensive user experience planning, product design as a whole to provide a user perspective basis. The process received some good feedback from PD students and the business team. Here, share with you the design derivation process.

new designers in the interaction design, design thinking is very easy to directly enter the specific interface layer, and the derivation process of the whole process is very easy to be ignored, in this case will focus on the derivation of the part.

methodology based on abstraction

to release a I refined in the design process design thinking complete flow chart, the design of the planning process in the case is also based on the graph process, this paper mainly focuses on the concept to define this part of the page.


you can see the whole transformation process involves our products from concept to elements, the emphasis of the different stages and different purposes, and each node transformation stage are based on solid Association objective reality, in order to ensure that the needs of the transformation from distortion.

in this way, the entire design process is a constant Zoom in (zoom) process, based on user origin needs constantly materialized. In verifying that our design meets the goals, we also need the constant Zoom out to look down from a more holistic perspective.

next, let’s begin to look at the design process.


OK, let’s first look at the main behaviors of users in foreign trade. What are the basic concepts of user requirements?


can see, buyers and sellers must first reach the intention of orders, and buyers to get the goods, the seller gets paid, so as to complete the whole process of foreign trade, our website service is based on the open mode.


let’s Zoom in..

what is "deep matching"? We define it as the objective: to facilitate the buyers and sellers to reach the order intention, in other words, the matchmaking service. This is to buy the seller in the foreign trade behavior of the first ring.


what should we do when our user goals and product goals are clear,


let’s go on with Zoom in..

based on some of the evidence provided by foreign trade experts, we establish corresponding product user behavior in the process of foreign trade

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