How does a farmer design a website with a sense of design


[core tip] still using WordPress site? Behind the pro! Hurry up and try Twitter Bootstrap.

note: owning your own web site is a dream for many people, but most people can only rely on CMS like WordPress, even for many corporate websites. But most of these sites seem to be lacking in design, and in general terms are a bit of "dirt."". So for as programmers and other white are compared for the design, how to make your site look more avant-garde, a fan, a sense of design? Geeks Park compiled 24WAYS article How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour to provide you with solutions.

I like this

programmers are often the word "design" scared, because I am a programmer rather than a designer, I have the computer degree certificate, and I don’t mind Comic Sans font. (Note: the Comic Sans font is a comic font that comes with Win95. The design profession is extremely exclusive. Designers or those with an aesthetic complex disdain to associate with it. See more of this why not use Comic Sans Fonts)


is a programmer, but I still want to make your site look more attractive, hand out of vanity, because it can make me more "professional", but on the other hand is out of reality, because the Research Institute survey found that users will be more confidence in the website "looks" very good website. But for a long time has been engaged in the work of programming, design is not familiar, even fear, because it seems to me that this design is a lot of laymen can only feel not the words and deeds of the rules and the design of sentiment composition, knowledge barriers is relatively high.

but shortly before I decided to try my best to make my site look more professional, even less than the real designer surgeon to do out the effect, but no ability to design I like this person is very helpful.

1. uses Bootstrap

, if you haven’t used Bootstrap yet, get started quickly. This open source project from Twitter has made web design really popular.


essentially Bootstrap is a grid system, by two twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton open source development front frame [>

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