Fang Liyong experience the fall of FM365 website

The fall of the

FM365 web site is a widely talked about thing in the Internet world. FM365 was born in the early part of 1999. In our software division, as vice president, I naturally know the origin of it. In 2002, FM365 was handed over to me, so I was well aware of its fall.

and the industry guess the contrary, FM365 website fall mainly from Lenovo’s Internet blueprint, very macro, a portal can not satisfy its appetite, it has to do more internet. And in the big process, it met AOL (American online), and it is with AOL cooperation in a variety of problems, leading to Lenovo’s Internet business completely failed.

at the beginning of 2000, when FM365 is not grandly launched, Lenovo is considering one thing: how to be one of the most advanced Internet businesses?. At that time, the world’s Internet leaders are not many, one of which is Microsoft’s MSN, and the other is AOL. YAHOO is not considered because it is aligned with the founder.


and the two sides began negotiations, AOL showed the status of the real boss: time warner. AOL- Time Warner model was considered the best model at the time, and therefore strengthened the determination of Lenovo and AOL alliance.

negotiations between Lenovo and AOL are tough, and the difference comes from the way things work, the way they think, and so on. And at the same time of negotiation, FM365 grandly launched (April 18, 2000), and entered China’s top five in early 2001.

and FM365 also launched at the same time a business, that is, Lenovo’s ISP business, Lenovo in this investment is no less than FM365 site. Lenovo’s ISP business is fully cooperative with China Telecom, in the country to achieve 163 account access and roaming. Even Telecom itself did not do this, and Lenovo did. In Lenovo computer preset year free internet access, after the Internet, access to the FM365 site. One year after the expiration of the free Internet, Lenovo renewals, and began the business of ISP. At the same time, the level of FM365 as a portal, all channels to make vertical portals, this constitutes the Lenovo Internet Business Blueprint: 3.1 (Internet service portal + + level vertical portal). So, we see yingshitong, see see, New Oriental School of Peking University School and so on, are part of the vertical portal.

such a "3.1" blueprint and AOL agree without prior without previous consultation. AOL is the "Internet access" way to provide value-added mode. The user will pay a monthly fee model by an account, the account online from a private client, the client integrates all the services provided by AOL news / entertainment / education / Finance / video, search, email, chat room, IM (instant messaging), news group and so on, the whole will include > SNS the system now

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