The station to do a monthly income of 4K

good evening, I am not how it". King invited by friends of the station, I would like to share with you some of the experiences I have made.

, what I want to share with you is the last station I made, and the first one that I have earned. How does an article website start making money?. The website makes money, perhaps a lot of factors, today mainly share with you two experience, one is how to determine the theme of the website, and the other is how to find high-quality links. In fact, after all is said and done or rely on traffic to make money.

below tell me a website case, this site can be said to be a member of the garbage station, but no matter what profit model, only income, is good.

I do is a composition station, this station for about 4 months, IP reached more than 2W, monthly income of more than 4K.

such a small web site, can do more than 2W IP, I think the main reason is that the site of appropriate positioning, with high quality of the chain.

tells you what the site is like:

I first want to build a model site, but in a search, this website is too much, and Baidu index check, check "model, papers, documents, such as a secretary" for this keyword, the search volume is not high, generally only a few hundred. At this point, there was an inspiration that the site should be good for a composition. Then a search index, there are actually 7000 times, then in a Baidu search, found that this type of website is done well, in front of the top have a lot of dynamic ASP page, that should be more than their simple optimization. Therefore, the content is determined, that is, the composition.

summed up, I choose the content of this station, there are mainly the following benefits:

is a clear theme, "writing" the key words are simple, relatively good classification, can according to the grades are divided into primary school composition writing in middle school, and so on, and this classification is very consistent with the theme of keywords is the same, so choose, do SEO optimization, the goal is clear, only need to optimize a keyword, is "writing". Unlike the "model essay", the key word is more difficult to optimize. In addition to optimizing the word "model essay", you may also have to optimize the key words such as "summary of reports" and "speech speech".

two is the competition of this word is not big, want to think to know what reason, because the word "composition" can many webmaster didn’t think of, do this kind of website of the people, usually are some in school teacher. At this point, as a webmaster, it can be said to be more technical advantages. Yes, everyone will say, the teacher has the advantage of resources. Yes, but resources are sometimes not an advantage in the age of rampant acquisition.

three is the number of searches for this word, much larger than the search for other similar keywords

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