Also talk about the location of the website

today is the positioning of the site, this is a topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, must be considered before. But I found many before the novice get started in the never thought of this problem or on this question is very vague. Hurry to do a website, but then found here is not good there are not satisfied with the satisfaction. Change, finally the David.

said people often work in the poem, the site location is to be considered good long before you begin to make a station, like go out, not in before you go out to want to go there. This site is to see who? They are interested in what kind of features? What is their most wanted see? What can you provide? After these factors are considered in planning your site again, plan your column is more handy. Not doing doing digression, out of tune.

here in my Ningbo SEO station as an example: this station is positioning for Ningbo SEO enthusiasts to provide convenient, SEO data collection, sharing the experience of SEO, so that we are able to growth and progress. Then SEO lovers have what characteristics?

The first class is

, know SEO, often pay attention to SEO, often to see some SEO articles. But few people practice. Second, has started the SEO webmaster, basically have a website in hand. Already familiar with SEO knowledge, but also want to learn some more skills, communication methods experience in.


above these two points, I opened a column on the SEO entry, SEO recommended. Mainly introduces the practical knowledge and skills of the entry methods. At the same time, because the learning SEO are basically young people, a business momentum, so they have opened a famous classic program, mainly introduces the famous modern society the idea of the article. For everyone to learn, comprehend. The last one is the original column, as a webmaster, can’t write what! So, this column is open for themselves, new ideas, or experience, I will be published here for reference.

well, the positioning of the site is finished, thank you can have the patience to see here. You want to do stand any inspiration and help

!This paper first

data of Ningbo SEO station: on one side of the water are welcome! Please indicate the link address:

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