Analysis of several core points of Taobao guest website to improve conversion rateLooking for a part


, both of the behavior, good at management, through meticulous management, tear hole, to keep, intensive and meticulous farming, have the right to organize the implementation of intention execution.


, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan brother three partnership venture, boss + boss ownership structure, how big pressure mountain?. Liu Bei and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, bright partnership venture, this "boss + second" equity structure, good points. Boss + second of the structure, de brother summed up HUAWEI’s boss, the road is "embarrassed" for the firm".

when you’re learning how to design a stake, your partner may be learning how to not be designed by you: do you really like that,



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1, mutual trust,

The second is

The time of the founder of

complementary capabilities, in addition to the identity, but also need to consider is the division of labor within the team, such as the Tencent of Wuhu clear division of labor, Ma Huateng is responsible for the product and strategy, Zhang Zhidong Li Qing had been responsible for technology, responsible for sales.

what kind of partner are you looking for,

first, a good user experience is fundamental. Firstly, we analyze the reasons, many Taobao guest website not profitable for example, included outreach are good but the rankings never before, and ranking is also very good but the site conversion rate always reach a satisfactory level, seen by the author, following a brief analysis of the reasons for the situation, first of all, when you carefully the content and quality of communications construction, ranking but always lingers, we must analyze the page layout about your website, before a lot of friends or continuation of the practice, a single page with CMS, this technique is no problem, but how to operate not only by the search engine of men, a lot of weight list, acne list, now many consumers are tired of this page, see the hate not immediately turn off this Increase the rate of Web site jumped out, reducing the residence time of the user, one of the important factors, this factor is sh419 rankings so I suggest appropriate in the home on the middle of some single page products, but pay attention to the number of grasp, put some code in a single page website left or right, the best to meet the users of the article as the core, to let others into our website is not tired of feeling, as to how to deeply loved by the user, you can own the website recommend to my friends, to see their reactions and suggestions, in short, always put user experience in the first place, because this is our lasting website based on profitability, sustainable development.

2, complementary capabilities,

Abstract: the time of the founder should be spent on important things. Share allocation is one of them. How to do share allocation of partners, how to do the withdrawal mechanism, 16 suggestions, 3 models, and 1 equity health examination forms. Help you sort out the underlying thoughts. If you or your friends need you, take it away

don’t open business partner and best friend talk?. Is not a good friend, you can open a partnership company? Entrepreneurial team to run on specific things, together with the window, together carrying guns, together…… Appreciate your strengths, accept your faults, and have basic trust. Either you begin with good friends, or you become good friends after break in.

should be spent on important things. Share allocation is one of them. How to take the team? How do equity partner allocation? How do the exit mechanism seven or eight? Give you 16 suggestions, 3 models, 1 equity health examination form. Help you sort out the underlying ideas of these important issues. If you or your friends need to take it away from you,

second, high quality targeted web content sharing. When it comes to content, many people will swear that my website content all original, included amount is also very good, and so on. All these things are very clear, but your article is really the user needs? Let’s give a very simple example, a lot of friends to do some slimming, whitening products in order to improve the collection, what is more direct to put all sorts of things together, Taobao copy chat, etc. these methods, these methods may mistakenly believe that sh419 spider the original to be included, but please understand that your site is for the user, a long time so your users will go away from you, you see this user >

boss, namely the wolf standard, must dare to attack, a clear understanding of the company’s strategic direction, with careful planning of work, determination and willpower, perseverance, and self sacrifice, can lead the team to achieve new breakthroughs.

for what kind of person, suitable for partners, seven or eight suggestions to consider 4 factors: first, mutual trust, two is complementary ability, three is full-time dedication, and four is must pay.

currently with Taobao launched the Amoy CPS a lot before engaging in other industries Wangzhuan friends, will be transferred to the eyes of the Taobao customer, Taobao customers because of the high commission, quick and deep to you Master Wangzhuan love, especially a lot of new friends to watch others drying out of the Taobao customer commission was born heart sigh with emotion. A strong desire to make money with the body and mind, passion, power is a good thing, but these are not necessary to guarantee success, look at other people’s own harvest, if hastily will copy its technique how to bump head broken and bleeding, in the fierce market competition of Taobao passenger talent shows itself? How can we start from now. We improve the Taobao off site conversion rate?? well we gossip short continued to enter today’s theme, analyzes the core points of improving the conversion rate of Taobao company .


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