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one morning after our business failure, I just sent my kids to kindergarten. Startups fail it feels like this impact on me with a hammer hammer violently on the floor of the nuts, crushed my heart broken. At that moment, my feeling was that my four year old had left me, and I had never shed a tear before that. I cried sadly and rushed into my car, but I soon realized that nothing could have been worse than this. The child’s tears were just a fuse. It was the fuse that caused my feelings to burst. My "everything" is perfect, and my tough guy’s shell is peeling off. Now everything is wrong with me, I am a failure, and I am in a negative world. My company, too, suffered a very big blow and became very bad. I cried several times over the next seven days. This is the first time that I have been running a company with my heart, but it has left the whole company in a position of failure, which has caused the company to suffer a great deal in a row, and the blow is fatal.

360 button Bouncer index: 90000+

second: it seems to me that there is a disk file upload to the fun place, then every thousand IP download to how much money to put these, what about men, 360 buttoned bodyguards, a key to delete and so on to pass up, if it is enough to attract people, you want to do some attractive things go to upload, for example: 360 can make the coexistence of and patch what. Then earn the download League money!!

, Tencent, and 360 index: 20000+

what are these,

there are many, I will not list out, in short, this flow is really huge, if you can guide these traffic to a place, then can produce enormous benefits. So I made a rough analysis of how to make the traffic realizable.

below, I’ll give you some examples to see:

360 and index: 20000+

after this, I took this defeat as my motivation. I’m still very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Because I know, that’s all I need.


360 chat index: 20000+

after careful analysis, I came to the conclusion that these were the mistakes I had chosen, even though I couldn’t have found them at that time. Now, looking back at what happened before, I had two choices: the first was what to do, and the other was what was not to be done.

reported in October 10th compilation: hunting cloud network super Kandinsky

I also did not want to ignore them, because every day of their own business are busy, the mood to ignore them!! but because last night made more extreme things, the computer cannot install 360 landing , will be automatically dropped, it really makes me feel quite the trouble. I have received a few friends on the phone, asked me how to install 360 cannot login ? I can think of at least 600 million users, 360 users should not be less than 100 million, so the user must like me in their war. Well, if the traffic of these people can lead some to our own station, what effect would that be?

, , and 360 index: 50000+

? Shortly after that, the moment came, and the next thing to say was how it came from,

for the next two years, I’ve had some small failures. No failure is disastrous, but it’s not irrelevant. These failures which contains a lot of things, including the bad decisions, not on the wall of mud paste bar staff, staff communication, waste products and failure results constitute my failures. These failure factors sometimes overlap each other. It makes me feel that it is very difficult to open my eyes and get up from bed to face the work every morning. Slowly formed the habit of procrastination, everything dragged, no work efficiency. Dealing with mail has become a very difficult task. Anything that interrupts my job is very welcome. These negative factors have led me to work at almost zero efficiency.

fortunately, at that time there were no jobs in jeopardy, and no investor funds were available online. Only a lot of people were suddenly disappointed. Life and business are still going on.

recently, everyone should know that the and the 360 dozen online wars, which were two of their biggest companies, had little impact on our small web users. This time, both in the major forums, or in group, blog, said the theme is basically this.


third: extended by second ideas, but make the download fee, some advertising alliance is not what CPA software installed ad, guide them to download and install through your promotional link, a valid installation seems to be 0.7 yuan to 3 yuan, the profit is.

first: guide traffic to the garbage station, put up popups, display and click on ads. I tested, so put advertising, 1000IP about equal to about 10 yuan, and if you can guide to 20000IP, then advertising costs should be able to have about 200 yuan.

I don’t know why. I chose the latter.

today I simply checked the relevant keyword index, really quite scary!

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