Seo rookie further end Wangzhuan training comment on Kingsoft cheating punishment

Kingsoft is how to settlement? Kingsoft billing cycle is a natural month, i.e. 1 per month until the last day of the month ended. When the commission payable in your account exceeds 100 yuan including $100, we will pay you by bank transfer on the 15 day of next month during the holidays. If your commission is less than $100 in the month’s account, it automatically accumulates until next month until the minimum limit is remitted. Monthly commission, no upper limit, payment requires prior deduction of related fees and income tax. Please refer to the following remittance methods and arrival time: China Merchants Bank card / Agricultural Bank of China bank card / ICBC bank card, remittance cycle for the day or second days to the account. Full 100 yuan is allowed to pay, which is the general rule of many unions and supports bank card payments.

a boring killing time when suddenly received a strange call, said to see our products information, have the intention to cooperate with us, and will come to see the company and the product, this phone is completely contrary to our expectations, and this company is the first list of us, we very excited, as a rookie can get second chance, then realize the promotion platform can still, Buchixiawen began learning and the customer service platform, we feel very lucky, so as to become a member of the rookie level whether the Internet, at the beginning of this platform for learning and promotion of the first station thank you very much, on this platform, we are not in the publicity, but you made more SEO occupation and talent.


then we though is responsible for the same promotion platform, but we are very serious to learn, take advantage of this platform to play to the extreme, but also bring us more orders. One hundred feet head, further, we are >

three days fishing, two days drying nets,

Kingsoft to judge and punish cheating, A. cannot in any form to deceive users, to induce users to download software. In example 1: Download Kingsoft, million prize; cheating example 2: your computer has been poisoned, quickly download Kingsoft antivirus; example 3: > cheating


no, Tai Tai, sky pie,

we do not know each other is a rookie Three Musketeers, people from different places gather in the same company, or a household electrical appliance enterprises, the sales industry, every month on security at the end of that time survival, rookie did not know how to plan their life, more confused and disappointed. At first, we did not understand what is the Internet and promotion, but with the phone to face the customer to call, but got unlimited rejections and zero performance statements. A chance to bring those Internet companies to us we have become a slim chance of survival, their customers, began to promote the product with their platform, rookie Three Musketeers began a new mileage.

some time ago wrote several union comments, now introduce Kingsoft, it is one of the famous Kingsoft Corp advertising alliance. The promotion of products is the basic WPS, Kingsoft, Kingsoft, outside a few ads. Wrote here, I searched Kingsoft in sh419, ranked first in the Kingsoft Corp Landing Page page, is sh419 search open platform partner; ranked second in the sh419 search software, is the famous download site, can bring stability for these download promotion expenses station; ranked third in the jmw168, this makes me very surprised, open the web page can be used to describe the poor, but Kingsoft software download. The blogger’s decision should be a personal page, which should give jmw168 owners a lot of advertising money. I checked the Kingsoft Corp that does not explicitly prohibit the use of Kingsoft brand promotion.

registration requirements, you need to have at least a website of their own i.e. you have full control over the content of the website; you need to have some knowledge of website operation, know how to try to bring traffic into income. Finally, you need to provide a bank account which receives the remittance. Making money is so easy. For the website: we accept commercial websites, corporate website and website application; the applicant must have independent power to the website; holding ICP certificate or related record of the site first opened; network game related website opening co.. The content of the website should be healthy and upward, and there must be no content or comments that are forbidden or contrary to the law by the state. You can see that the registration requirements are very loose, you can definitely get an account within 5 minutes.


hundred foot head, go further,

we are a rookie level, for what network and website promotion is utterly ignorant of, can not find the original single, but encountered this kind of network telephone company, we are very disgusted at the side of the phone, he hangs up the phone without demur. There is a saying that good, "customer abuse me a thousand times, I love to be customers like to verify the network, not afraid of being rejected, to give us a call, not only to hear them say, the biggest temptation is to try to do to promote our manufacturing, it is an opportunity for us, more is bringing us forever bright. That’s a good thing for us is beneficial and harmless, began a new journey, but to us as a rookie, is really unable to start, a free trial of gold membership promotion, some news and products to get their own, they only provide optimization and platform, so that when they are purely used to play, did not take it seriously today, casual hair products, write a news background is completely left behind, so from the beginning there is no effect.

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