Debt growth over 10 times These 8 new three Board companies you must pay attention toshlf1314 Adse

is growing rapidly. The company in 2011 is an annual income of 37 thousand and 500 yuan a small company in 2014 revenue reached 6 million 60 thousand yuan, rose to 28 million 550 thousand yuan in 2015, 2016 further rose to 368 million yuan, while the 2017 first quarter revenue has reached 152 million yuan.

In 2016, the financial liabilities of

read, Jun found, in addition to Jiuding group, the new three board, there are many debt rapid growth of enterprises. In 2016, liabilities of more than 10 million yuan in the new three board company, the debt growth of more than 3 times a total of 69, of which 8 debt growth of more than 10 times. One of the most intense assets of the company, which grew 22 times last year.

so much debt last year, read, you found that in addition to a small amount of borrowing, the bulk of the debt actually comes from leveraged investment bonds, and are buying in the fourth quarter.

one, Sheng assets – debt, is to buy a treasury bond

editor’s note: a surge in debt may be an opportunity or a trap for investors.

and GG divide the network advertisement profit; or large website to offer online advertising new ways of users; or only distinctive, attractive individual website has become the main launch objects of GG. It will be very limited.

Hesheng asset is a very smart company.

so most of these sites begin to block GG ad, and there are only three ways out:

last year, many new three board company debt surge, the most famous is undoubtedly Jiuding group, owed 32 billion 400 million, 2016 debt growth of 3 times. But at the same time, only two and a half years, Jiuding total assets inflated 68 times, successfully transformed into a fully licensed gold control group.

at the end of 2015, the company has only 18 million 690 thousand yuan in assets and liabilities. However, only one year, the company debt reached 419 million yuan, an increase of 22 times.

network bring more and more profit

, but not all of the debt can be turned into wealth. A surge in debt may be an opportunity or a trap for investors.

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in the annual report, Sheng Sheng assets of 428 million yuan of treasury bonds, and in 2016, three quarterly reports did not appear in this part of the assets, so buying time should be in September.

bond repurchase is such operation, before buying a certain amount of bonds, and then taking these bonds as pledge to repurchase party financing, financial funds to buy the corresponding amount of bonds to earn spreads between bond yields and financing rates, the appropriate amount of bonds can mortgage, refinancing, buy the general provisions of the highest debt, and multiples of 5 times.

"under bull market" >


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every company that has a surge in debt has its own story. What happened to the 8 companies last year? Is it the investment opportunity or the trap behind the debt surge?

shlf1314 need to rethink, and these large sites also need to think about, the disadvantages of GG in Ad at the same time, if you provide the new profit to the user? And individuals also need new ways of re planning Wangzhuan

company were measured at fair value and its changes included in the current profits and losses amounted to 217 million yuan. What is "financial liability"? The company explains that it is "repo"".

obviously, shlf1314 Adsense on major websites can only make shlf1314 the biggest winner, and portal doesn’t gain great benefit.

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