Ali mother alliance to apply for registration Raiders webmaster versionSummary Roseonly founder Pu Y


3.: life send only one person, the specificity, scarcity of emotional factors in the differences, and other shop; from the marketing point of view, 6 words, easy to remember, easy to spread

ad trading platform, so for membership, can also carry out advertising transactions in Ali’s mother, that is to say there are two kinds of roles in Ali’s mother: buyers and sellers. Buyers mainly for advertisers, you can buy advertising sites through the platform, it is money. The seller is targeted at the webmaster, webmaster open advertising on your website to launch Ali mother code, it can be traded on the platform Ali mother, once sold will be able to get advertising revenue, which is simply money or make money.

first, enter the registration page.

1. industry choice: large capacity, no strong brand, there is the need for internal upgrading; believe that some traditional industries have this characteristic


4. products: This is the era of product for the king. Pu Yi summed up: Roseonly flower is the best flower in the world, shipped from Ecuador, there are the best designers and the best flower stylist, girls see this flower, basically can not resist. Of course, aside from the hype, the idea of such a product is worth learning. Can be specific and not empty, the product of the story clearly, to join the emotional part, not only can sell the premium, but also can lead to the user’s independent dissemination and share!

7. founder: its most important job is to recruit people and build a culture. Roseonly’s culture is simple: first, the rich to lead the rich: older employees to bring new employees to become rich, the company led the upper and lower reaches of wealth. This slogan is not simple, employees mix with you, the most basic is not to get rich? Dream, grow up, can only be relegated to the next. Upstream and downstream if you have no profit, and will not be willing to cooperate with you for a long time.



submitted after the success of this page will see the following.


quickly summed up as follows:


5. detonated: the beginning is looking for people around, and later found too slow, think of micro-blog’s gameplay, looking for opinion leaders. But the fashion circle’s big coffee and Li Xiaolu’s personal propaganda, is not precisely the ignition event marketing fuse?

6. team: creative, business model design, and then is the implementation. At first, Roseonly did not go to the so-called executives to join, but rather a little bit improved sales, and then invite years of experience star managers come in.

just joined the Roseonly online micro sharing, founder Pu Yi really admire, the view is very sharp, ideas have depth, fun,

8. brand: a brand is responsible for a positioning, different positioning, with different brands to manage. Roseonly aimed at another fashionable flower market, opening the sub brand of "special love". it’s easy to do high-end brands.

9. Investment: investors see, not only >


2. industry pain points: with others is your chance! Flower logistics has been a big problem, but the Roseonly in Beijing is Mini + delivery guy; in the other 9 big city is federal + SF, other city do not give and take; the price is high enough, the logistics cost completely Hold live;

There are two kinds of

into the registration page: click here to get into; or enter the alimama/ in the address bar, find immediately registered advertising button see below.

Ali mother registration Raiders webmaster version

A, registered as a member of the Ali Mama

two, the registration website and advertising

three, advertising code

note: the three steps above is mainly for the seller to sell advertising in the mom.

said, began to register!The first part of

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