Zhang Jinghua a pioneer in financial technologyGive some experience to Chinese webmasters strugglin

in this era of public entrepreneurship, innovation, and many Internet entrepreneurs, Zhang Jinghua is also a technical background, in his own words, is a typical science and engineering male". In 1995, he entered the Beihang University to study, graduate students successfully entered Motorola, joined Samsung in 2005 to South korea. Excellent technology, rich experience has given him more may accumulate steadily after 4 years, Zhang Jinghua returned from South Korea, decided to resign from the higher vocational excellent salary, start a business trip with partners from several northern. It is this entrepreneurial team in 2009 of the third party payment company called the company a wholly owned purse treasure, last year sold to new high; at the same time, palm public in October 16, 2014, the first employee, marking the official start the financial technology company. Looking back, Zhang Jinghua described his entrepreneurial journey with "never stopping". Indeed, on this road, he has maintained his role as a pedestrian in the course of persistence and progress. At the same time, he has made himself a pioneer in finance and technology with precise vision and accurate positioning.

      OK to now, the movie SP has disappeared, the bell began to decline, GG began to K, the original K receives the ticket can get money, from 07 years in May began to be to start a large-scale K number of votes.
like all things all together, then sell sell sell meters behind the station program server much. As the saying goes, "30 years east, 30 years Hexi ah, >

      05 years; —07 years 5. In June, during the course of the developed countless, foreign natural devaluation GG. The domestic film SP cop-out later is popular ringtones, ringtones fertilizer is the music class site, know a lot of owners earn 6 digits I don’t just earn more than what is in the University made by how much this time ~ ~, and is relatively flat, can be called grassroots " second spring ".

As the founder of a financial technology company,

this is the famous quotes a famous Japanese designer Yamamoto Teruji, also in May 23rd by a small table, Zhuo capital sponsored the "2017 China Financial Innovation Summit", palm public payment service CEO Mr. Zhang Jinghua in a speech entitled "undervalued practice of financial technology and big data is ignored the complexity of wind control" theme the speech, to share with all people live a sentiment.

, as a successful entrepreneur, Zhang Jinghua uses his own experience to carry out the meaning of this passage.

      do GG also count for a few years, first casually say the next few years of network history.

      04 years after the start of the crackdown on the country’s record, do not underestimate this record Oh, this is another reason for income gap and income less, at that time because many in the police crackdown, but most of them are students, for the first time in the police and the general pay off a fine out of fear, so some simply do not stand, some more strenuously do stand, as well as in the wait-and-see wait for miss time ~, which try to do station is divided into 2 categories, one is to do the domestic normal station, and is transferred to a foreign country. those who are not afraid of death here is not to say that when transferred abroad, and the main foreign advertising is nothing more than GG and sub pay, so many dollars in cash, most large flow E station is from this time began to engage in. But at that time have to do foreign E station people do not how much, because the domestic SP profit or some ~ ~ so is also a crackdown after the relatively stable stage of development.

Zhang Jinghua said in his speech, as an entrepreneur, "entrepreneurial timing is very important, neither too early nor too late."". Gold palm public service into the fast loan market in 2014, Zhang Jinghua and the team has several important judgments: first is intelligent hardware mature, in 2014 the entire mobile phone, mobile network has been rapid iteration, end user in the mobile usage habits gradually develop, when Alipay WeChat became stronger. A large number of users from PC to mobile end mobile phone terminal, at the same time, because of the rise of intelligent mobile phone operating system, the formation of large data, many applications generate a lot of online behavior data, forming the basic data of the field of small and micro loan reserve. At the same time, we can see that in 2014, the basic framework based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and technical means were basically mature. So they believed that 2014 was a good cut

"I never believe what a lazy freedom, my yearning for freedom is achieved through hard work and effort more broad life, that freedom is precious and valuable; I believe that the ten thousand hour law, I never believe the pie in the sky waiting for inspiration and achievement. To be a free and disciplined person, must rely on to achieve serious to live."

      I also have the chance to experience the brilliant SP and A website " " blossom everywhere; golden age; this, say for sure if domestic early crackdown, big don’t say at least many webmaster at home. We should remember it was 04 years before the end of May, the number of excellent talents to waste energy the wrong place, and now the so-called big webmaster many are 04 years ago began to engage in regular station. This is a watershed. So now many old webmaster feel how people can make a monthly 5 figures, this gap here must be accounted for most……… However, 04 years ago, before June, GG do not really drop money, because SP advertising is definitely more than GG, ~~~

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