The three or four line of the city’s public record space why most became a shop without off the bask

"public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation" boom continues so far, has spread from a second tier cities to three or four cities. However, unlike the rapid and reasonable development of a second tier city, since the three or four line cities spread out, the problems of blind expansion, lack of resources and chaotic development have made Chen a poor man. The drawbacks of the three or four line of the city to the public record space is mostly in the "shop no guest" embarrassment, the three or four line of the city’s public record space and how to develop is not those

1, the lack of top-level design, model follow suit, a single

guidance Fu said frankly, the listing is to give shareholders and employees an account, worked for many years of employee equity holders need to cash, improve life.

, now 35, has been running for 13 years now, Fu Zhengjun. Before and after 2000, he majored in computer science and was obsessed with thinking about his own technical skills. He started the bookstore online and even made a search engine.

three or four line urban development, the three major difficulties in creating space

, a space magnetic Lake Huizhong officially opened in Hubei’s second largest city of Huangshi. Huangshi Huizhong Chinese magnetic lake and space is dominated by the government, the new innovative service platform for professional operation and market operation. This is in all aspects of the country in line with the "public space" requirements of the large complex, how to lack resources in all aspects of the three or four line of urban health operations, has become the biggest problem facing the lake. This is not only a problem of the "lake of lakes", but also a dilemma and problem for all three or four cities in china.

In 2005,

9158 founder Fu Zhengjun


three or four line of the city’s Internet is popular? Business how hot? How developed a branch? How much the market?…… In fact, if we use common sense to think, we can see.

8 years later, South Korea’s "ten rooms" has long been killed by hackers. And "ten rooms" of blood succession 9158, but from "ten gun" to grow to thousands of team.

talking about entrepreneurship: 22 year old toss

down jacket, scarf, jeans, sneakers, walking on the street, "no show mountain, no dew."". This is the Columba group CEO Fu Zhengjun, a grass root up, in the past few years, few outsiders know the bulkhead money entrepreneur, and his social online video company Columba group.

9158 grassroots performing arts, fans are surrounded by their favorite female anchor in a virtual network KTV room singing and chatting, give the hostess money to send virtual gifts.

?In September 10, 2015

but his first real venture was the founder of the Taiji chain, the earliest advertising exchange alliance in china. Unfortunately, the Internet bubble made Fu’s team fail to survive, and only 12 people left in the end, and the venture capital burned out.

a lot of three or four line city government did not want to know whether to develop the "public space", but did not want to know how to develop "public space", but blindly look at the market blindly follow the trend of the road. For example, Chongqing has indicated that by 2016, the institutions of higher learning should build at least 2 to 3 public spaces, with more than 500 public spaces in the city; by 2020, the city will be empty

leaders at the Davos forum shouting "public entrepreneurship, innovation, government and enterprises around the with lofty ideals and high aspirations, mustering the strength to do something. Especially the three or four line of the city this year, almost all in the construction of public record space be busy at putting up installations. All reported a time filled with all kinds of media, it seems that a herd space established, has been a success, but in fact is the three or four line of the city’s public record space is three minutes, a few months later became a shop without off the shell ".

"9158 core subscribers differentiated into two groups over the age of 35 and under the age of 20, this is very interesting, grass root number under the age of 20, but 35 years old group, a successful career, the most willing to spend money, but also have time," Fu Zhengjun said.

, but with the successful landing of YY stocks, such as cock wire and otaku development and expansion, has been considered the flow of sites and entrepreneurs gradually attracted attention. Last week, faced with the "dubious economy" questioned, Fu Jie refuted that he was playing "cock wire economy."". And he wants to be listed like YY.

discovered a Korean video chat model called "ten people’s rooms". At that time, China did not appear that kind of social interaction video sites, Fu Zhengjun by "ten rooms" video chat model inspired, led the engineer to write 9158 night and night, homonym, "just ask me."".

Prime Minister

misunderstanding: I dare not out door

in fact, those onlookers cheer cock silk who are mostly free to join the audience. While a few "big spender", but for most of the 9158 contributions received.

public space is not a unified place, built several houses, with a few policies will be able to do well. How do we see the dilemma of "having a shop without a guest" after the burning of passion, especially in the three or four – line city of toddler


public space was supported by policy, "superior", it has been "hot" continues so far. Many of the three or four line of the city is the path of development have to follow a second city public record space, the tall on the Internet, electricity providers, branch and cultural creative industries and the form of public record space.

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