Dawn micro blog marketing quick money actual combat training help you from grassroots to micro blog

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After entering the company,

occupation career planning expert Joanie Courtney said, this is a big change, employees of large companies usually master a lot of resources, a lot of the budget, a lot of training opportunities and so on, to the new company, these things are not in the. Faced with these problems, the following suggestions should help you:

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according to the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics report in March this year, more than 1 million 800 thousand Americans are seeking new opportunities to quit the job, occupation, so if you are one of them, so don’t worry, you are not a person in combat.

among these people, although not all of them have left their former big companies, turned into new ventures and renewed their careers. However, this trend has become apparent, and more and more job seekers are eager for a more flexible and more independent corporate culture and working environment.

founder Tarek Pertew said: "all the work in a large company who should be re planning your own job attitude and occupation attitude, should look for a more meaningful life, a more powerful and exciting work". Tarek Pertew created an online magazine called Wakefield Media, which specializes in the life of startups.

2. looking for a partner with the same background

the introduction:

in large companies, employees usually don’t pay much attention to corporate culture because they feel that the value of an enterprise is too far away from their daily work. "Time" columnist Adam Bryant said that when someone mentions the value of the enterprise, when faced with posters of "excellence, integrity and service" such words, employees will be ignored, not to ignore the independent.

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looking for a mentor at work isn’t a bad idea for everyone, but for new startups, you should go a step further and do more.

———————- reminder developing

who says playing micro-blog is a waste of time?
who said it is difficult to break the micro-blog?        
who said micro-blog play hard to make money?            
who said micro-blog enterprise marketing slow?
is actually a lot of things are very simple, just now you don’t know it!


should find a friend for himself. They have similar backgrounds. They have worked in a big company and finally left there. In this way, new employees can


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1. understands the fundamental principles of the new company

but in startups, the company’s vision is often not a simple motto. The founders generally have very specific goals that should be popular in the company. So when you start a new venture, try to understand as much as possible about their vision and mission, as many startups will spend a lot of time thinking about it.

but the transition from a big company to a start-up is not easy. They need to face a lot of challenges, to understand different office styles, and to take on different responsibilities.

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