Zhou Hongyi second venture lost outThe first artist brokerage shares only listing 3 months in a hur

this looks like a typical capital arbitrage. Therefore, even if the adjustment program can not avoid the failure of the outcome.

Zhou Hongyi was excited at first because his computer and software versions were better than those of the advertising company

At the

graduate school, Zhou Hongyi began to play truant. The exam is easier for him. He’s just looking for someone else to do his homework for him. But he was playing truant was not to lead a gay life, he has more important things to do.

thought, thanks to the electroacoustic acquisition is not completed. Otherwise, Leroy culture and by promising performance is not completed, become the target of the media Kouzhubifa again.

outside with the beauty of 80 boss boss to define this company, but ignore its real value is to have Han Geng, Zhou Bichang, Shawn Huang and other artists brokers. In essence, it is a company that makes fortune by music brokers.

Zhou Hongyi every day should be busy selling cards, customer service service, but also to read so many books, there is no time programming, so the anti-virus card will not go, because the anti-virus card can not be timely upgrade, change can not keep up with the virus.

Leroy early culture is one of the few with equity bound star company, quickly and successfully listed on the new board, become "first stock brokerage artists". But just 3 months after the listing, hurriedly announced listed companies to sell at a price of 2 billion 320 million 100% electroacoustic.

The chairman of

Leroy master culture in 2016 two film "dream" partner "summer arbor" is not the reputation of the film, although Chen Yao Aaron Kwok, Wu Yifan, the big star, small meat Star >

by heat, he began to realize the importance of foreign translations. English is not, but he almost put management college library management he has seen it all. "High tech", "high-tech" management theory, "Z theory", the first version of "the pursuit of excellence" and "seeking advantage", he is alive to look, and the book management theory to analyze and guide the practice.

mountain company’s graphic creative system came out on a wide range of popular, selling well. At that time, a friend of the advertising company found Zhou Hongyi and asked him if he could do the same. He studied at the head, "bang" once was shocked, so this thing has such a large market for the advertising company, great! This is the subversion of Conditions are becoming better and better.!

Leroy’s culture

Leroy culture Duhua has released rhetoric, "get rid of the previous artists to rely on business, the future will gradually reach the television business ratio of about 5:5". At present, this plan has been completed ahead of schedule in 2016, Du Hua did not renege.

from this point on, Leroy culture to complete the magnificent turn, is something to celebrate; but stand back look at this thing, from the perspective of conspiracy theory, this result with the slightest bloody cruel. Because the "pit" Leroy cultural team Fujian Hengye pictures.

in the first Zhou Hongyi first venture anti-virus card, he is busy every day to sell cards, customer service service, but also to read so many books, there is no time programming, because the anti-virus card can not be timely upgrade, change can not keep up with the virus, so the anti-virus card will not go. However, this restless man took the first venture to earn a million bucks and started his second venture, but this time he was not successful, the team fell apart, and even the computer was taken away by the partner. The following I dark horse will come to tell you about the story of Zhou Hongyi’s second venture……

Some artists

Leroy culture, a lift to make people feel complicated company.

The more important thing about

is that he sees a new direction: the graphic creative system. When it comes to graphic creative systems, you can’t help mentioning another branch of Xi’an Jiaotong University: the mountain range.

in 2016 474 million revenue, film and television business revenue reached 238 million yuan, accounting for 59.84% of total revenue, beyond has been dependent on artists brokerage revenue, becoming the largest source of revenue.

According to the first edition of the

acquisition program, Leroy cultural valuation of 2 billion 320 million also promised in 2016 net profit of 170 million yuan; adjusted valuation of 1 billion 890 million, net profit of 150 million commitments. Leroy culture according to the 2016 annual report, operating income and net profit in 2016 was 474 million, 64 million 483 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of 127.07%, 28.70%, about 60000000 of the profits from the actual profit commitment is far.


Zhou Hongyi posing as staff to the company to discuss business, listen to each other’s explanation was shocked: the original CorelDRAW Photoshop software, this thing is finished! I don’t know, but he knows. It turned out that the company did this system is to bring something else to change.

"The Silicon Valley" inspired

Leroy master culture in 2016 two film "dream partner", "summer arbor" is not the reputation of the film, although Chen Yao Aaron Kwok, Wu Yifan, the big star, starring little meat, still at the box office in a complete mess, huge losses.


in 1994, the mountain company launched a product called the graphic creative system. This system is for those outside the advertising company to do, you can edit photos, advertising, layout and so on. At that time, the advertising company basically had no computer available. It was made of scissors, glue, film, newspapers, magazines, I, dark horse……

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